The Sky Is Falling

You know, apparently there are a lot of people out there freaking out about the pope stepping down. This action is being covered by the press all around the world. Some of the issues covered by the press include stuff that that has gone on in the past concerning catholics such as: molestation. Personally, I think the pope has nothing to answer for.

He didn’t molest anyone, didn’t commit any kinds of crime, nor any types of nasty offenses, nor anything a lot of bad people who are catholics did. Not even sleeping with nuns who threw their newborns in between walls, covering them up with cement(I was told this years ago).

I think this elderly man should be able to live in peace and be respected for his decision. Eventhough morality has been a continued issue concerning catholics and many of their beliefs, fingers should not be pointed towards the pope in any way, form, nor fashion. Now, concerning nuns, rumors, and their chastity,  I do wonder.

I feel that that it is quite natural to have sexual desires. Also, I feel that those who have trouble keeping those desires at bay should be offered free dildos free of charge. Moving right along, there are other guys who have been considered to be the next pope. It sure has been years since Italy had one.

I think Bishop Desmond Tutu would be a good candidate. The question that comes to mind would be, « Who would be the most qualified? and « Who will keep the tradition  going, regarding not tarnishing the faith more? »

Further, eventhough christianity, islam, muslim, and all of that middle eastern stuff is different, there is a shared similarity: The head to toe covering and the wearing of the veils. Last but not least, there is hope for the catholic religion. Good luck to all. Peace.

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