Sounds Like Shit!!!!

Sounds Like Shit!!!
Sounds Like Shit!!!

Lately I have been listening to a lot of new music from a lot of new artists who are newly discovered, and artists who were discovered in the very late 1990’s and 2000’s. Is it me, or does a lot of music these days from these same artists sound like shit?

I mean. totally pathetic! I have watched videos on the television and sometimes listen to music on the radio. I think a lot of music today sucks. Of course videos these days have drastically improved since the 1970’s. Choreography has gotten shitty, too. Hell, Heavy D. perfected the dance move « The Dougie ».

The last best choreographed moves (in my opinion) were « crunk » and new age « pop-lock » moves. Because of this shitty shit, I even stopped watching the grammy awards. This is now one of the top shitty shows of the year!!! Where are the fucking creative composers? To my knowledge, I think a number of them passed away.

I guess when people run out of ideas sometimes, music sampling happens(I’m not hating on all of you creative geniuses out there that know what you are doing, especially when the music is on point). When I think I hear new music sometimes, I really, really listen to it sometimes. Especially when the melody flows.
Then, it starts having this « catchy » sound. I’m like, « Wait a minute!! » Next, I start thinking, « Now, where did I hear that familiar background from? »
I begin to remember my parents’ record collection. Both of them had their own long stack of records in the living room. Even though all of their records were usually combined, my dad had a separate stash. This memory in particular caused me to remember where I hear these « familiar melodies ».
Next, I’m like, « Oh, yeah!! That’s who that was!! »
Then, I discover that the sampled song is really not a new song after all. It is a « recycled song ». As a result, I end up playing the original song and video(if the original song had one)I researched from the Youtube site.
One of the most sampled artists of all time is Patrice Rushen. I play her music all of the time. She is also a wonderful composer. For years I listened to the rapper Smooth’s song « Strawberries », before I found out the background originally came from Patrice.
Smooth is a talented rap artist, too. After I played « Strawberries », I decided to browse songs and videos from Patrice Rushen. It was there I discovered that she has a number of wonderful songs from the 1980’s. In fact, I find several songs to be excellent. Ms. Rushen also participated on playing for some award shows, too.
Another frequently sampled artist is Roy Ayers. Timeless, man. Just timeless. And, another genius. There is a reason why « old school » artists are still around. It is because they need to be. Not only are they continuously in demand, they are the best and only ones cut out to steer these « new age » shitty artists in the right direction, to finally come out with some decent ass music.

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