Insecure Writer: Assignment #1: Sound Off!!!!!!!! #1

My name is King-Galaxius Stravinsky. I come from a family of artists and musicians (on my mother’s side). I even have an uncle who played in the New York Symphony orchestra. I was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma August 1st, 1975. Nearly a year after that I stayed in Pineville, Louisiana with my mom and great grandfather Lee Green. Pineville is where I mostly feel at home. As a result, I call Pineville home #1. While still a toddler, my parents reunited some time after my father graduated from Wiley College in Marshall,  Texas (where they met).

That was when Los Angeles, California became our permanent home for a while. L.A. is where I call my second home.  At age five, I became inspired to write by watching my deaf aunt Brenda, who used to make her own journals. I then made mine, too and started writing in my own journal.

In the third grade I was introduced to the art of poetry by my third grade teacher. I made a mental note that I prefered rhyming poetry, and would some day get back to that because I was wrapped up in competing in spelling bees. Years later, I entered my first writing competition in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, where I won first place in the Sequoyah Book Essay Awards contest.

I finally started writing my rhyming poetry in the eighth grade, where I won third place, receiving  my first poetry award in the Tahlequah Friends of the Library  Starwatch poetry contest. My poem was titled ‘Where Is My Man?’ By age fourteen I became interested in song writing.

For various reasons I used to browse the Enquirer magazines. There, I found a few ads advertising needs for song writers. As a result, I responded to an ad placed by Nashco Records, owned by Will Gentry. Further, I then decided to sign my first contract for my song titled « Turn off the Lights ».

I had another song in mind. So, I decided to just keep the contract and not have the singers record it. Three years later, I signed a contract, again with Nashco Records and sent in my song called « Remember When ». I paid the recording fees and decided that I wanted the song to be in the contemporary category.

My contract was for Co-writer (since I write lyrics). The agreement was to shop my song around in the record industry. From that day on, I received my first master recording, casette tape of it, and that was it. I didn’t hear anything else from that day forward. At the same time, I found other companies to do with writing. I found out about The National Library of Poetry and other companies like it.

It was pretty cool for me. Florence Henderson was their spokesperson, they held conferences and banquets every year, I mean shit I always dreamed of, and gorgeous leather bound volumes with gold leaf pages. Plus, these people did not discriminate concerning the many creative and versatile styles out there regarding poetry. I was in a total of approximately three of their books.

By age seventeen and a half, I wrote my first autobiography titled My Life On the Serious Tip: One Teenagers Point of View. At the time there was like only two self publishing companies out there. Today there are thousands!!! Whew!!! History made, dudes!!! Any way, I had my first taste browsing the literary agents lists, publishers, and whatnots. I even contacted Mr. Applebaum from one of the biggest publishing companies out there. I chose him as the first one to write to because his name was the shit, and « Bonita Applebaum » the song was fucking banging!!!

He sent me a letter back. It wasn’t mean or anything. It was so fucking long ago that, if I remember correctly, I believe he was the one who told me to start shopping for a literary agent. I took that advice and sent out one to five hundred letters. I got turned down by everyone except for two people.

I really didn’t like what was offered, nor what message they were trying to send me. It just didn’t flow. Ya know? So, I then decided to enter more poetry and writing contests. I got published in a literary journal in Conway, Arkansas, and I decided to query Ebony and Essence Magazine.

They were cool as hell. I decided to keep their letters of response and elaminated them, and put them in my scrap book. This was pure history to me, man. Shit. In 1998, our family home in Muskogee, Oklahoma burned down. All of my awards, achievements, master recording, and everything burned down in that house. I was enrolled in college, in Marshall, Texas at the time.

While I was in college there, I wrote two articles for the college paper before me and the other writers were told that the college gazette would be no more. For various reasons I transferred to another college and continued to write poetry and other stuff. I also collaborated with two other guys to write an article for a magazine called Hip Hop Headz Magazine out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Fast forward to the year 2001, I had my little beautiful brown bundle of joy Cinco de Mayo. It was my baby girl who inspired me to write my first children’s book titled Who’s My Daddy? Because her daddy fucked up and disappeared without a trace, I wanted to write a book to help me cope with this and write it in a positive way as a guide for me and others who have gone through this, to explain why their fathers left(in a nice and christian way).

Explaining this « the good way » didn’t work out as I planned. Some members of my immediate family fucked that up for me. The book was written between 2001 and 2002. I was even going to personally translate it into the vietnamese language, also. I originally worked on it in spanish, french, english, german, and portuguese.

Eventually, it was published by Trafford Publishing of Canada in 2004. I just kept it in english instead.  My mom was doing « hateration » and got on my nerves. So, I told her to do something about her children’s book procrastination. As a result, she wrote Me, Myself, and I. From then on, I became and still am her promoter (I just don’t know for how long, though).

The positives to this business is the fact that this has always been therapeutic and one of the best creative outlets for me. I have met many people throughout the years. Some of them have become famous. One of them in particular was one of the publishers I queried years ago. At the time he had a very small publishing company.

He turned my ass down, too. Kudos to him and his success, though. Actually some of the biggest positives have come in recent years. I signed up with BMG as a song writer almost two years ago. And, it has been wonderful being a part of the WLC Cafe community. Some of us writers really do need that extra support in a huge « hateration world ».

Other than the WLC Cafe, The Insecure Writers Support Group, and other places, I literally do not have a support system. Familywise, there is « shitwadoodle ». I mean zip, no support at all. Everything is always « on the rocks » with them. To them, I think they see any of my achievements as bragging.

I even worked in a stupid ass shitty field for years to help support their asses and they were mostly like « gimme, gimme, gimme », until the money ran out. Well, I got tired of all that bullshit, and the shit that went along with it, I was very unhappy, miserable, got injured all the time, whether it was getting punched in my fucking tits, or getting a shitty rag thrown in my face by a dude with one leg.

I fucking had it, damnit!!! I thought I was going to lose it. I had to go A.S.A.P. By the time I left, I wanted to kick everybody’s gaddamn ass. I choose to write and then some because I love it and it is a big huge part of my life.

There are shitloads of « negatives » in the industry. There are so many that I’ll just mention a few right now. I think the word labeling self-publishers/self-published writers as « indie » is discriminatory. To continue, I think it is another way to continue the gap and continue barring writers who have yet to be published by the big publishing houses. An example is what recently happened with Amazon.

Other writers (from what I read) made multiple complaints to Amazon by expressing anger of self-published authors climbing the ranks. As a result, reviews and tagging has been totally cut out (to my knowledge). I guess because of all the hoopla of not wanting « indie » writers to be successful, there is going to have to be another avenue set in motion so that everyone can be successful.

I guess that may mean someone else to overshadow Amazon, blaze’ blah. A lot of people are trying to make it in the world and become successful. This includes writers. After all, millions of readers ARE actually fans AND writers themselves. One day (it would be cool to be soon), I would like to say,  » Fuck!!! Whos’ the baddest bitch?? Me, mother fucker!!! »

And, stand back, breathe in a nice breath of fresh air, travel, have my book signings, and live the wonderful life, ya know? Shit!! As far as money goes… ……. Where is the gaddamn money???!!! I mean, what the fuck??!!!! I’m down with all kinds of positive shit. Forex trading, investing in my own writing, and have yet to see the duckets!!! Help! Heyeellp!!Hhhhhhhheeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!

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