Kick Ass Dogs

Have you ever seen a dog that someone has which causes you to want one of your own just like that person? Or, how about if that person such as a celebrity has an unforgettable dog that has you wondering, « How is their dog doing today? »

Sometimes there are dogs that are just unforgettable. Ronald Reagan had his dog. Former president George Bush, Sr. and his wife, former first lady Barbara Bush had their dog Millie. When I read a magazine about the 1980’s, I even discovered that Millie had given birth to the cutest puppies!

Even though I’m not into nor interested in politics, the current president of the United States had a cute puppy, too. Of course, he’s grown now. Out of all the celebrity dogs I have seen, Vanderpump’s dog totally kicks ass. She even dresses it up! It is so adorable! Without this lady getting her pictures taken with her beautiful and adorable pomeranian, I wouldn’t even know who she is!

Her dog looks like the most adorable teddy bear. Her pooch is soooo in! That is the dog to get. When everything is cool, I want my kid to have a chorkie (chihuahua and yorkie mix). However, every time I read a magazine and see Ms. Vanderpump (a unique and unusual name, too) with her beloved pet, I get ideas about wanting one just like hers myself some day.

Also, I think this lady ought to start selling stuffed animals that look just like her dog. That way everyone who would want a replica that looks like her dog, they could like have a teddy bear that looks like her dog. After all, that’s like another money making type of idea she could profit off of.

My next idea was about her having a partner for her current dog. I was like, « Is this Vanderpump lady going to get a mate to match her beautiful teddy bear look-a-like of a dog? If so, what will she name him? Scooter? I think that is a cute name.

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