Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Last year I wrote an article about who would be a good candidate to play Cojack. What happened? Well, I didn’t get a chance to submit it because it got mixed up with someone elses shit. So, I have decided to write about this subject, again because I really have been intrigued about who is going to be the new Cojack.
Back in the day, my mom had the hots for Telly Savalis. I mean she truly thought he was sexy as hell!
She really went ape over this bald headed dude sucking on red lollipops! I could not see what in the fuck was so sexy about this. So, I decided to watch Cojack with her. I still remained puzzled. As I grew up watching the show with her, I decided to make a mental note of it and keep it in my memory bank, so that some day I could make sense of it all as an adult (when I would grow up). When I finally grew up, there was another bald headed guy on the scene.
It was L.L. Cool J. He licked his lips a lot. Millions of women thought and still think this was and is sexy. I thought he had a cool personality and super mad rapping skills( and still do). He is truly talented. I also think L.L. sucked on lollipops. Last year I read something some where concerning a new Cojack film was going to be made. I automatically thought in my head who should play the lead role: Vin Diesel!
Everything is perfect about the dude. The baldness, the look, the skills, the shade, the sex appeal brought to the masses across the age spectrum, and what women like concerning this guy’s sex appeal.
Hell, I think it would be cool as hell for Vin Diesel to play Cojack. No one else can fill those shoes. Pucker up, Vin. Put that red sucker in your mouth and make millions of women swoon when you say, « Who loves ya, baby? » Yeah, Vin!!! Vin Diesel!!! He’s our man!!! If he can’t do it, no one can!!!

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