One of the Summer’s Hottest Premieres! (continued and revised)..

All kinds of questions ran through my mind. I was not sure if it was going to be like a true/false scenario type of show that I watched in the past or what. Another question I had was like, « Was it going to be an Unsolved Mysteries type of show?, Dragnet type, what? »
Once I got through the horrible traffic off Highway 75 and
arrived at the AMC, my curiosity was quite satisfied. I even liked the look of the inside of the movie theater. The staff was very friendly, courteous, and everything. Then, I met the people who were waiting for me and others to who signed up to attend the premiere.
Everything was so nice(from the posters to the booth everything was nice). Finally, after much anticipation everyone was allowed in. Upon entering, I grabbed some Twizzlers, a diet coke, and a small bag of popcorn. After that the commercial for the show came on. Another commercial shown was of another show on the U.S.A. network called Necessary Roughness.
It will be airing June 12th. John Stamos is the big star of that show! Finally, after much anticipation the premiere started. It had a great beginning. This show was pretty awesome, was full of surprises, had an unpredictable outcome, and a surprising ending that left me in suspense.
What a first great episode! O.K. I don’t want to tease anyone. So, I’ll mention a little more about it. One of the stars of the show is the agents in training’s big boss. Another one is Daniel Sunjata. He plays agent Paul Riggs. To me, his character that he plays seems fearless and a little cocky.
He’s kind of good looking, too. Then there is actor Aaron Tveit, who plays a rookie on the show. This guy seems to always be the world’s worst major fuck up. He also reminds me of a high school graduate rather than someone graduating as an agent.
All in all, the cast is somewhat multicultural (which is great this day and age) and the type of sting operations change up as well. This is not the same ol’ type of police work crap that is always shown on television. After the show was over, there was a question and answer session involving the cast and others who watched the pilot.
I even had my own questions. The set where they had the questions and answers is the same set home to Saturday Night Live. Wow! Tim Stack was the host of the question and answer session. Eventhough our group in Dallas wasn’t able to do a q&a, maybe wherever I am next time, me and others can participate via Facebook or Myspace.

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