Insecure Writer’s Group: Sound Off #3!!!!!!!!!!

Well, ladies and gentlemen…..

This is the third month now since I first joined this group. I am sorry that I am two days late. I have been very bust since my last post and will be very busy the rest of the summer. I have 298 more of you to support and I must confess that I am deeply disappointed with my progress in supporting all of you. Approximately ten minutes ago I supported my first author in this support group. The last post I read of theirs was 2011.
They must be really trailblazin’ with those fingers. Maybe even a celebrity by now. I don’t know. However, I was too happy to stop by and offer a word of encouragement. Say, if it was you who I’m talking about, don’t be afraid to say hello to an asshole like me. I could use some encouragement myself.
Yesterday I went to the shittiest graduation I ever attended in my life. My daughter just graduated from the sixth grade yesterday. I am soooooooo proud of her. She is also proud of herself. Although she didn’t complain about her graduation, it was shitty for her, too. She returned from her graduation thirsty and hungry.
The ceremony was boring as hell.
I felt I had to wait all day for her name to be called. She was almost the very last child called. Her last name didn’t start with the letter Z, either. My big ass legs were so fucking tired. To top that off, I prepared to scream the fucking cafeteria walls down. Big huge disappointment!
By the time my daughter’s name was called, my voice cracked and I got hoarse. Here we all were sitting and standing in an elementary school cafeteria dying of hunger and thirst. I swear my grandmother saw a mirage of graduation cake.
How fucking rude!!! No fucking punch!!! Nada! And to top that off, again, when my mother and I returned to the school we overheard the staff talking about who was going to cover the final tab for Dominos Pizza!
Mother fucker! And to think: Parents like me chipped in and sent our children cash for a graduation party we never attended! The highlight of that graduation was my daughter and another little girl who wore a money tree on top of her head. I think she was Tongan.I’m pretty positive because her family didn’t look like they were from Samoa at all.
I had to snap some photos. Because my kid thought it was a little rude to snap a picture of her and this little girl wearing the money tree, I asked permission from this child’s mother. Maybe a little luck will roll our way. You know, California and Oklahoma kicks ass for holding graduation parties. In fact, I remember the menu and what we all had as a family to eat at her graduation.
This was a little after 1989. We had ham slices, macaroni and cheese, big circle shaped potato balls with butter and cheese, big buttery rolls, green beans, cake, cookies, and pie. We also had punch. The peanut butter cookies were pretty scrumpchous. I think they ran out of chocolate chip cookies, though.
Anyway, dry mouth, fat ass, and a rumbling stomach is not a good feeling at all. Hell, there was not even a single rice crispies treat in sight. Not a fucking crumb! We all left the graduation pissed off, disillusioned, and pissed, and pissed, and pissed off. My kid wasn’t even presented with her awards and shit.
They were left on the interim principle’s desk. Son of a bitch!!! Well, I have a party to plan.
As far as pitfalls experienced in writing, it is always the financing part. « If you lack the duckets, then as a writer you can pretty much fuck it when it comes to deadlines in your planning. »
This definitely goes for the self-published/self-publisher writer. However, I encourage all of you never to give up.
I have included writing movie and show reviews for my blog, now. In fact, I attended a premiere of the USA Network show called Graceland. It was wonderful. It was primetime in every household last night at 10/9C.
I received delicious snacks, too. Further, today I promoted almost 100 posts for different professionals out there on internet radion. And, I absolutely loved it. I love the « tit for tat ». Returning the favor for someone who needs just as much help as I do to broadcast what they are doing is soooooooo great.
For everyone participating in the insecure writer program, I want to say to keep it going and to give yourselves a big pat on the back. Do not ever forget to reward yourselves for a days/decade long, years long work, etc.
This truly does take love and dedication for a life long cause. Well, mine is life long, anyway. I also admire those who are parents to young ones as well. That is also dedication. Congratulations to all of you who have met your goals.
I still need to meet my personal goal of aquiring 25,000 points by helping people solve their dilemmas on one of the search engines. This also helps me to cope with the challenges I’m facing in my own personal life. Feel free to visit me and offer some encouragement, too.
Cheerios everyone!

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