The Way, Way Back

Last night I went to the premiere of the movie The Way, Way Back, starring Maya Rudolph. I also took my daughter to see it. Everyone had to buy their own snacks. To add, everyone also had to turn their cell phones, mp3 players, etc. in, to avoid piracy violations (until the film ended). I was told that the glasses everyone was handed  were 3D glasses and, like a fool I wore them until almost the middle of the movie.

When I turned my head to see how many people were wearing them, I discovered that I was the only one still wearing them. And, I found out that the person who said that my glasseswere 3D glasses had lied. They were sunglasses! Here are the highlights of the movie:
The main character is named Duncan. He is considered aloof and withdrawn. Back in my school days this kind of guy was known as a « possible nerd », « hood », « weirdo », and/or « dweeb ». For a while the film just rolls on, seeming like it’s a little long. As a result, when Duncan and his family leaves, their neighbor becomes the highlight of the movie.
This dirty blonde character reminds me of a younger « Blanche » from the 1980’s show The Golden Girls. Watching this lady throughout the movie caused me to think that « free spirited » women of this type rarely become old hags.
However, the rest of this lady’s role in the rest of the movie pretty much « sits in the wind (goes nowhere) ». Further, the movie picks up the pace when Duncan gets a job. This is also where the excitement starts. To me, Duncan’s mother is a weak-minded woman, whose significant other is a cheating loser.
One character who also stands out is the character named Rob. Rob reminds me of the unhappy employee who not only resembles the hook nose co-worker of Sponge Bob, he looks like him, too. I’ll let you guys judge for yourselves concerning your likes and dislikes regarding this movie. The Way, Way Back arrives in theaters Friday, July 5th, 2013.

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