Dropping Your Ass Like It’s Hot

You know, Facebook has a lot more surprises than one « can shake a stick at ». Anyway,  I was browsing around and shit and every now and then, I love browsing Al B. Sure’s fan page. I mean, this man has it totally together in one package! Any way, I saw that he shared a photo of

Spock. Well, after a shared a couple of photos, I messaged my favorite Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy, and I then decided to browse what was going on in my Facebook community. Well, my ass got dropped by three more Facebook friends. That’s O.K. with me. However, I think that Facebook needs to automatically show who drops your ass if you have more than fifty Facebook friends. By actually checking this time, I discovered that when a person deactivates their Facebook account, it also means that they dropped your ass as a friend. I think I have that right. I think. Somehow, in one year I lost four hundred friends. I think I am going to pay more attention. Someone I know did say that their account got hacked. Facebook is the shit, though. If you all don’t understand this lingo, it means that Facebook rocks!

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