Father’s Day: Head Niggers In Charge (H.N.I.C.): Part 1

Happy  Fathers Day  to every father in the world, who have done and are doing the best they can, to be the best dad/father they  can be to their children. This  includes stepdads, uncles who had to raise their siblings ‘ child/children, grandfathers who had to raise their grandchildren, etc.

Fathers Day was discovered and began years ago. I think that is great. To me, just like there are outstanding women who are the « super women »  of all mothers, there are « supermen » who are outstanding fathers. Happy Fathers Day, again to you guys. Kudos to you, too. Well, to you sorry asses who are totally missing in action for being deadbeat dads, you are still fathers, too. No matter what, you are still fathers because your sperm fertilized that egg.

Even those dirty old men who became dads , and who are sorry dads, too, look out all dads/fathers in the world!  There is a new « Head Nigger In Charge! » There is more than one and they are found allover the world. Some of these people celebrate Fathers Day, too. Eventhough most of them do not celebrate Fathers’s Day, their duties and roles have been noted since the beginning of time. They are not your average « pop ». They are called « Mops ». « Mops » are moms who are not only mothers to their children, they also fill the role of the missing fathers/dads in their children’s lives, also.

Father’s Day was my first time celebrating by being an official « Mop ». Further, to me, it is horrible for anyone to sit down on Father’s Day when there is no dad around around their kid to celebrate Father’s Day, because that dad chose or chooses to not be around when he should be. I can only imagine how children in this predicament feel. I celebrated this day and explained why to my mother, because she questioned me about my reasons for doing this. I even put my mom’s name on the cake. Even when she raised all five of us children when she was married years ago, she raised all five of us children as a single parent.Image

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