Monkey Bread

From the west coast to the south, many people have heard of « monkey bread ». Some people buy it from the store and some make it at home. I ate this while growing up in Los Angeles and I still eat this every now and then. If you ask anyone who has had it, most will tell you what « monkey bread » is.

There is a problem with this. The problem with this is the fact that there is supposed to be one kind of « monkey bread ». However, the further south you go, there are like gazillion types of monkey bread. And, if you ask different people what « monkey bread » looks and tastes like, you are certainly going to get a lot of different answers.

Some may tell you that they taste like cinnamon rolls and have raisons, rum, and are very sweet. The monkey bread I was raised on took me years to finally like. I thought it tasted like some kind of ancient booty or something. You know, something kind of raunchy, yet you know that it is bread. But, it has a taste that cannot really be described.

I even asked one of my relatives what ingredients were in this « monkey bread » and how to make it.

They told me that , »Someone put the good foot in it. » I then asked what it meant and they told me that they didn’t know because, « It was so good that someone definitely put their good foot in it. It sure is good because I have to eat me some more. »

I now like this bread. I especially love to eat it with some fried chicken and jalapenos. When I became an adult and this « monkey bread » was selling in grocery stores in the south(i.E. Texas, Oklahoma, etc.), I recognized it anf finally got a chance to see the packaging without seeing a family member tear into it where I couldn’t find the wrapping.

Our « monkey bread » is packaged as Kings Hawaiian bread. Well, there you have it, folks. There is « monkey bread » everywhere. It just depends on what monkey bread you guys are talking about. Now, I need to find out exactly what « nigger toes » are. My mom was trying to explain this to me last year. It was the first time I ever heard of this. It is something old school and came from the south.

It definitely is not a type of doughnut shaped like bear claws.

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