The Hottest Flavors of the Summer

Well, everybody summer is here and it has been hot like that. One thing to do to help keep yourselves cool during the heat besides stay out of the heat is to ingest something cool or cold. To me, there is nothing better than drinking slushes or eating some delicious ice cream.

This entry is all about ice cream and more. I want to share with you some of my favorite flavors, including a new ice cream brand that came out and became one of my favorites (ice cream flavor that is). These favorites of mine listed is not ranked in any particular order though.

I’m going to have to create a poll and let everyone decide on that one, though. Here is the list of the tastiest ice cream and popsicle flavors for the summer, ladies and gentlemen:



1)Delish brand ice cream. Some male country singer is on the cover of the ice cream. Walgreens carries this. The flavor is maple macadamia nut.

2)Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey.

3)Haagen Daz’s Dule de Leche(caramel).

4)Vanilla ice milk.

5)Safeway brand pineapple sherbet(without the pineapple chunks). This was also a 1970’s favorite of mine while growing up. And, my dad could not get enough of it.

6)Banana italian gelato. This is made in Texas somewhere. My sister will not tell me where to get it. It costs like $6.00 a pint.

7)Century Sundae. I bought this one time at Krogers last year and fell in love with it. I have not seen this flavor since. Neither have I seen their vanilla cakes with strawberry icing in the bakery section. I swear Krogers can be totally ass wipes when they get rid of the good stuff and refuse to not carry the shit any more.

8)Pistacchio almond(Blue Bell and Ben & Jerry’s).

9)Dora the Explorer strawberry banana.

10)Good Humor strawberry cookie ice cream bars.

11)Snickers ice cream bars.

12)A&W root beer float bars.

13)Orange dream bars.

14)Walmart mango tropical and tropical popsicles(they kind of look like bomb pops).

15)Jolly Rancher popsicles.

16)If these still exist, they come in butterscotch and caramel: Jello pudding pops.

17)Heath toffee ice cream.

18)Nestle Tollhouse mint brownie ice cream(Breyers or Dreyers).

19)Neopolitan ice cream(Blue Bell)

20)Butter Brickle(Braums Ice Cream and Dairy).

To end, if I were to invent an ice cream bar, it would have to be an ice cream bar made out of a rice crispie treat, with the center of it made out of either Haagen Daz or Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. Other varieties would include the center of the ice cream bar to be toffee or maple flavored.

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