Chinese Fried Bread Ideas

Months ago, I had a shitty time at the newly relocated Motel 6 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During my stay there, I called a place (via telephone) that used to be Called Cowboy Sharky’s. This place is now closed. Now it is called Pizza Depot and they serve the best « shark bites » in the world.

However, when I called them this last time, a female (I conversed with her before) answered the phone and was totally rude this time! The last time I called, my shark bites were delivered to me after 1:00 P.M. (there used to be an advertisement or something that said that they deliver until 2 or 4 A.M.).

« Shark bites » are jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, fried, and then wrapped with bacon. This lady was like, « No! » I was like, « Oh, my God! » I then began to wonder what was wrong with her. And, when I called this last time (and the first time), she didn’t even greet me by saying, « Hello, Pizza Depot. »

So, I decided to ask her if I could get some shark bites later on the next day. She told me that the business would open at 11:00 A.M. This meant that this would be on a Sunday afternoon. Guess what? I called all day long and no one answered the phone. So, I decided to give the business called Sharky’s a ring.

There was this nice lady there who answered and we then began to have a conversation about my ordeal and craving shark bites all day. To make a long story short, I ended up telling the lady that the business she worked at should start selling shark bites, too (especially since the business is called Sharky’s).

And, if the business decided to do this, maybe they could deliver food until 4 A.M., also. I ended up buying Chinese food because I could not get my shark bites. Next, one of the items I decided to buy was Chinese fried bread. The bread was so delicious!

Further, I began to think. The fried bread is already delicious. But, I wonder how it would taste with a cream cheese filling, and bacon and diced jalapenos in it. Mmmmmmmm… Sounds delicious.

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