Royalty In Mind

The whole world has watched this young lady in particular grow into the number one sex kitten. Her beauty outshines most of Hollywood’s starlets. And, when standing alongside her dates, they end up looking like trailer trash or the common « guy next door ». Ladies and gentlemen…………… Miss Paris Hilton, one of the world’s most beautiful heiresses ever!

Her beauty is ranked high on the same scale as a young Raquel Welch, young Zsa Zsa Gabor, Bo Derek, Darryl Hannah(in the 1980’s), Gina Lolabrigida, Brigitte Nielson(back in the day), Linda Evangelista, and Milla Jovovic. Back in the day, not only did heiresses marry wealthy heirs of powerful and very influential families, they also married men of the throne(all across the world).

So, naturally I thought and once hoped that Paris would be a candidate to be Prince Williams’s wife(back when he was dating). So far, no handsome person of royalty, nor who is worthy has stepped up to the plate to woo this gorgeous dame, who has been dubbed « greek goddess », because only someone so beautiful can be compared to one.

Grace Kelly became a princess by marrying Prince Rainier of Monaco. His son married a South African athlete. These days I wonder how candidates are chosen to marry kings, sheiks, princes, etc. I find it highly favorable for men of royalty who have chosen other avenues to choose their brides to be, especially when some have gone on television shows like the royalty version of The Batchelor.

I actually watched one of these episodes. To add, to me this is one of the best routes to get their wives. Why not have a big crowd of beauties to choose from instead of a few that may not look worth 25 cents? This may be the thing of the future. And, this could set tongues to wagging, makes a great topic to discuss, great for hot gossip, and worth wagering bets over.

In reference to Paris, it may have to be the other way around, where she goes on a special celebrity Batchelorette show, where all of her suitors are kings and princes. With royalty in mind, Paris Hilton is waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too beautiful to marry a goofball, guy next door, or someone who is « paper bag ugly ».



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