Breaking Down McDonalds

For a little while I have been sitting down wondering how to begin my first sentence concerning this topic. For over ten years(in between visiting family in Texas) I have had problems getting a shake at McDonalds. This is in the DFW area, too(Dallas/Fort Worth). The DFW area consist of cities in between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

Cities such as: Arlington, Irving, and Grand Prairie, Texas are included. I have had problems in all of these cities off and on for ten years, concerning me getting my vanilla shake during hours of operation. In fact, this really pisses me off. This has also happened in the McDonalds 24 hour locations as well. Almost every time I come into McDonalds to ask for a shake, I am told that their shake machine is broken.

This is sickening. This is especially problematic in the summertime when the weather hits triple digits(100 degrees and over)and I am told this shit. If I’m not mistaken, it was last year in the DFW area that the shake machine was broken, again when McDonalds advertised the shamrock shake in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. How shitty is that? A business advertising a shamrock shake and no one can get the  mother fucker!

Damn! The constant breakdown of the ice cream/shake machines in Arlington, Texas(off 360 and Arkansas Lane, Irving, TX at Hwy. 183 at Esters, inside of Walmart off Hwy 20 and Great Southwest)and other areas really makes McDonalds look bad. I hope to God McDonalds takes care of this dilemma one day. At times I often think that it is the employees who do not want to make the shakes nor the ice cream cones.

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