Black Celibacy

A few months ago I decided to read an issue of Jet magazine. I have been reading Jet Magazine off and on since 1982 and love reading the magazine because it has kept me informed of the hottest R&B and rap music.

Plus, it has who is on the top ten list of singers, actors, etc. Also, I used to check out who the model of the month was. Back then I had dreams of being a famous sexy model and all of that shit. Marilyn MCcoo’s husband(from the group The Fifth Dimension) was one talented photographer.

To me, only he could bring out that « special magic » displayed on that photo seen on those Jet pages regarding the model of the month. I used to even save old issues of Jet Magazine. Yeah. Eventhough Jet has changed throughout the years, I still like that little magazine. However, this time one issue in particular really caught my attention. It was about black people being celibate.

There are a lot of black people out there who are virgins, celibate, and are currently waiting for their « knight in shining armor » and « special ladies in waiting ». A number of these people are remaining virgins, remainig celibate and chaste in hopes of marrying « that special one ».

Look out now! There is a website that was created last year by a great guy so that blacks who are celibate and virgins can unite to « date clean(no sex while dating) » and/or strictly for holy matrimony. This is the perfect site. It is for blacks. It is called Eventhough blacks have been stereotyped since day one of world slavery, there are still millions of blacks out there who are saving themselves for marriage.

Clean non-sexual dating is very fun. And, at the end of the day, people like myself feel great and non-guilty because there was not any type of fornication. I ended joining a different celibacy site because there is not one out there yet(as far as I know) for those who are into being celibate and into interracial dating and marriage.

To me that would be the ultimate. Kudos to!

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