L.S.G. was a great group. The members of this R&B group were the late Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat, and Johnny Gill. When these mega stars came out, I was like, « Who was the creative genius behind putting such talented men together like this? »
Man, this was a great group.
Then, the unexpected happened. Gerald Levert, who at one time was also in the succesful group Levert(known for the hit « Cassanova »), passed away November 10, 2006 (Wikipedia). That was really sad. Some time after that Gerald’s father Eddie (member of the group The Ojays)went on tour and sang some of his late son’s songs (in honor of his son(sad to say, later on he also lost his son Sean Levert, too, who was also in the group Levert).
I think only love could cause someone to do something like this, especially for experiencing such a great loss. It was this that had me wondering. One of my thoughts was: How many celebrity singers have moonlighted by being in more than one music group?
And, for how long? If L.S.G. were to ever reunite, I was wondering if they ever thought about ever asking Eddie Levert to join the group. If so, how would he handle a hectic schedule concerning touring with this group and performing with The Ojays? It is terrible losing loved ones.
It is also bad to lose someone special like this as a fan. When such a loss has had such an impact in the music industry, people such a myself cannot help wonder what the furure holds for the group L.S.G.
My question is: Will they continue on? Or, are they completely finished? The Temptations are still here. And, L.S.G.? That is the question.

Une réflexion sur “L.S.G.


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