What’s Hot This Fall and Winter 2013

O.K. everyone. It is time to tell the world what « is in » for the remainder of 2013. This list includes over 70 things which range from fashion to food. Read it and weep guys. This shit is true. Starting off are the hottest hotels to visit and stay in.

Casinos: Winstar Million Dollar Elm, Thackerville, Oklahoma
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Hotels: Parc England Hotel, Alexandria, Louisiana
Other Hotels: I am not sure yet. I haven’t heard of any great deals lately for a lengthy stay. I will keep everyone posted on that one.

The Hottest Dating links:


Colleges: Le Cordon Bleu

Now the moment everyone has been waiting for: What’s hot this fall and winter 2013(in no particular order)


Jackie Stallone
L.L. Cool J.
Raquel Welch
Nia Peeples
Jessica Simpson
Paris Hilton
Arsenio Hall
Steve Harvey
Queen Latifah
Al B. Sure!
Pharrell Williams
Chubb Rock
Christopher Williams
Jill Scott
Doctor Dre and Ed Lover
Eryka Badu
Jack Nicholson
Paula Deen
Martha Stewart
The lady who played nurse Ratchet from the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Sandra Bullock

Fashion: All shades of pink worn by men and women, from Mary Kay pink and Pepto Bismol pink to neon

Lynx and cheetah fur coats
Cheetah print clothing
Boot shoes
Oakland Raiders coats
Adult light up shoes
Silk shirts for men
Cool looking print leggings(ex: photo collage, celebrity faces, funny phraseß, smiley faces, leopard print, and cartoon characters).

Jessica Simpson high heels
Michael Kors clothing
Levis jeans
Chinchilla coats(from XS to 5X)
Black and white shiny mens oxfords
Black and white womens heels , boots, and platform shoes
Mens lounge pants(especially with their favorite cartoon characters on them i.e. Pink Panther and Beavis and Butthead)

Glow in the dark clothing


Indian fried bread tacos
Southern Comfort eggnogg
Peanut butter shakes
Firehouse Subs submarine sandwiches(especially their broccoli cheese soup)
Smothered chicken liver stroganoff
Fried chicken livers
Hamburger Helper
Burger King chicken nugget meal
McDonalds fried chicken
Chiroc vodka: Note:

This liquor can cause family arguments, and fights, especially if your family lives by the redneck rule: Everything edible and drinkable in the house is up for grabs. This also means that many tears may be shed if your family lives like this. Also, when times are hard.

Giant pig ear tamales
cajun food
tilapia fish

Honey butter croissants
Butterscotch pudding
Toys and trinkets:

Schwinn bikes
Huffy Panama Jack bikes
Glow in the dark toys
Jax(the game of jax)
Giant size plush koala bears


The Lady In Red
The Heat
We Are the Millers
This Is the End
The Hobbit
Baggage Claim
Christmas trees: White Christmas trees

Furniture: Lip shaped sofas

Automobiles: Chrysler PT Cruiser
Bentley(the one with flashing Christmas colored lights in the front of the car)

Television Stations: This television station
Bounce T.V.
Soul of the South television

Halloween Costumes:


Things to Do:

Buy Board games for Christmas
Watch the T.V. show Good Times
Watch T.V. show Sanford &Son
Going to the $1.00 movies
Watching 1980’s movies(including movies with Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, and all Angelica Huston movies)

Getting mentors for your children if they need them
Having huge Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve parties
Making holiday meals and desserts
Reading Martha Stewart and Paula Deen magazines for holiday ideas
Sopping at K&G fashion store

Restaurants to Dine in, Places, to Eat, and Food to Buy In These Places and Stores:

Denny’s: Watch out, though. If you allow it, the cooks will make you a cheeseless omelet, causing you to get pissed off. They are sooooooooo skimpy on their shredded cheddar cheese.

Walmart eggrolls, their hot food bar, and their delicious southwest grilled chicken wraps

Grandy’s: Their pot roast meal is the absolute shit! It is my favorite meal there now. I still love their chicken fried steak meal.

Braums food: Everything on the menu.
Tippins Restauant: their pies.

Household items:

Antique persian rugs

Music Soundtracks: The Woman In Red

The Hobbit

Music to listen to:

Music from the group TLC
Music from Henry Mancini
Jill Scott
Eryka Badu
Loose Ends
Grace Jones
Paris Hilton ft. Lil Wayne

Places to travel to: Branson, Missouri


Dildos: most men these days are failing to deliver. Plus, both young and old men are running neck and neck carrying STD’s(sexually transmitted diseases). Many of them have dipped in and out of so much pussy across the age spectrum that it’s totally awful).

Things to Have: A beautiful, white straight tooth smile.

Dogs: Pomeranian/chihuahua mix and that adorable long eared pony tailed looking dog from the cartoon Lady and the Tramp.

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