The Insecure Writer: Sound Off!

Well, this month’s post is a little longer than last month’s post.  This month and beyond is being spent by doing more than just promoting myself. I have more goals. Another goal of mine  is to support one million authors who are trying to promote their work. In  return I hope that they will promote my works as well.

Thanksgiving approaches. My thanks and gratefulness was posted in October. My mouth is currently watering just thinking about Thanksgiving. Veterans Day also is upon us. Much thanks  and respect to our veterans, eventhough I’m  against war, only a soldier pretty much knows about that kind of stuff.

Anyway, this Thanksgiving is about a lot of things.

Update!: 11/14/2013:

Well, Veteran’s Day has passed. I hope that everyone has enjoyed their holiday. Now Thanksgiving approaches. What will be « the in thing to do » is to cook Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve dinner and/or bring a dish to a holiday party. Going to a smorgasborg can be really upsetting on a holiday. It’s not just for the spiked prices, either. It pisses me off going to a Furr’s or Golden Corral buffet just to find out that all of the pecan pie is gone.
And, it seems like only one of the Golden Corrals offer brussel sprouts in Tulsa, only. You suck, Texas! I can never « eat all you can eat », anyway. I have some horror stories about that one. Any way, My mouth is salivating just thinking about the holidays. Please share with me what your menu looks like for the holidays. That way we can all count the days until the holidays and salivate together.
Gobble, gobble everyone!!! And, happy Thanksgiving!

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