Dum Dums and Gumdrops: Part Three

Another rumor is that well over 50% of DFW’s occupants are « poor trash » across racial lines, anyway! This includes professionals. I’m talking trash in suits. To me, a lot of the poor, homeless, and wealthy look alike. Some wear dentures, remain toothless, etc. The only difference pretty much is a shower, comb, brush, the appearance of teeth, choosing to dress professionally or like bums!
If you have not been to prison or don’t know anyone that will easily give you a job, nor run into anyone who has empathy for you, no transportation, nor a caring family, you absolutely cannot make it in these towns. You usually most certainly can make it if you are in the medical field, if you are a foreigner, minister, amish, minonite, white, construction worker, african from africa, or mexican. If you are none of these, it is best to stay the fuck out.
If you decide to remain, you may be reduced to being a beggar. You may not be able to live in a homeless shelter safely anywhere. Most bums are untrustworthy, former and current criminals, and most likely will steal any and everything you have. In fact, those ruffians who you never want to run across in the street (including prostitutes) usually live in these shelters.
Few care about homelessness and this problem because it is distasteful to look at and watch (bums) . Most people just want these people gone and out of sight. Also, there are a lot of people in these aformentioned towns who do not have transportation. The « average Joe » gets ripped off by automotive technicians and car dealers, who usually receive good training in a good automotive program in the DFW area.
Further, the « average Joe » also experiences a bigger problem. This bigger problem is created by a bigoted automechanic. If the « average Joe » or poor person has car trouble, gets ripped off trying to get their vehicle fixed to keep their vehicle rolling or maintained, the individual usually ends up going through a vicious cycle (anyway) just living in these towns.
Because of this, jobs are lost, vehicles get towed, impounded, auctioned off, no money, life gets really bad, etc. The cycle seems to never end. This includes living in Mansfield and Bedford, TX, too. It is worse if the individual has no family, a dysfunctional family, or no family/friends to help them. To end, if you are « the average Joe » in one of these mid cities surrounding Arlington, TX or in Arlington, TX, and you are in a shitty situation, you may find comfort in looking at parts of these towns’ countryside (by major highways) on a cold night.
Look out,though! The saying, « Don’t mess with Texas », was not invented for nothing.
This definitely pertains to law enforcement. Most police officers in Texas, especially in these parts of Texas are like bullies or pitbulls in for a kill. Few are O.K., but most are awful, big bullies, and down right mean..
A month ago, one bored cop bothered a homeless person at a convenience store. The homeless person left the convenience store and waited at a nearby train station so that they could wait until the morning to move to another location. That same police officer drove to the train station and really lit into the bum, questioning the bum for almost an hour before he finally left the bum alone.
As a result, the homeless person was so terrified that they pissed their pants. To continue, besides something like this, the only thing that may ruin it in between trying to be or stay comfortable while trying to nod off, is a Dart bus driver scaring the shit out of you by telling you to, « Have a nice night, if the coyotes don’t get you first. »

2 réflexions sur “Dum Dums and Gumdrops: Part Three

  1. This seems like a problem caused by local officials rather than the people themselves. I’m sick of governments using people and their towns as experiments and treating them like they don’t matter.


  2. You make it sound so bad there. I have always been under the impression that all of Texas was prosperous and there wasn’t a bad place to live anywhere. I guess Texas is just like any other place in the country and they have their problems also.


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