Dum Dums and Gumdrops: Selfish Hotels Using Priceline.com (part two)

Most hotels and motels in Arlington, TX with these prices are usually not worth the money, lack amenities, and don’t even think about this country always having a « bad economy (what the news always reveals, anyway). Don’t even get me started on the 2 to 5 star places in this town and Grand Prairie, Texas. I cannot even spell what these places want in dollar amounts from people, whose expensive rates are on sites such as priceline.com.
It is horrible trying to get a good deal by bidding on hotel rooms in these two towns. One day I was on the computer when I saw a $35 sign pop up for Arlington. Two minutes later, I could not find the deal for the mysterious hotel any more! If you come and visit these towns that I mentioned, you may actually see that a lot of these places have empty parking lots.
Even on weekends! They may occasionally get a tour bus full of old folks or something. These towns are sooooooooo behind the times that, they do not even have bus nor train stations there! And their population in numbers is huge, with or without Census Bureau numbers! There is a huge international community there who are just fucking lost.
A number of these people who work at the convenience stores and fast food places cannot even tell you how to get to an address by a street nearby! It is soooo sad. Just over a month ago, whoever was responsible finally approved a bus to just drop people off and pick them up from the edge of Irving, TX to near U.T.A. (University of Texas at Arlington).
Rumors have surfaced for years that the officials who make the town’s decisions don’t « want the trash from Dallas, TX nor the blacks, homeless, nor other poor people to travel back and forth to the mid cities, Arlington, TX, Grand Prairie, etc. by public transit

Une réflexion sur “Dum Dums and Gumdrops: Selfish Hotels Using Priceline.com (part two)

  1. What a backwards part of the world! It places like these that aren’t up with the times that make it hard for their own people to live and work without having to struggle for everything.


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