Hobbit: 2

It’s Hobbit Time!

Less than one hour ago, I left the movie theater after watching The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. My daughter and I entered the movie theater with exitement. To add, I was even more excited than she was to watch this movie. However, because of her behavior, next year I am going to have to watch the movie myself at least twice before I take her to see it.
We both went to a theater that serves restaurant food and drinks. The only seats that were available were seats in the front row(cool with me).
All I know is that I must absolutely see this movie, again! It was totally off the chain! From the very beginning of the movie until the end was non-stop action and adventure!
However, I was shocked and disappointed that there was no singing in the film this time. Legolas (played by Orlando Bloom ) was sexy as hell and helped save the day when the dwarves and Bilbo went through their turmoil throughout the journey.
There were a couple of scenes in the movie that made me gasp. Some of these same scenes had me gripping the table where I sat at the dinner theater.
The cave scene with Gandalf (Ian Mckellan) and his Radagast (Sylvester McCoy)) caused my daughter to spill her drink and popcorn. It tickled me to see that. Surprisingly, the highlight of the movie was Smaug the dragon! That talking dragon was off the chain! He was bad as hell! I was really at the edge of my seat during the movie while watching the scenes with Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) and Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch). I must repeat myself, again: Smaug was off the chain!
I don’t know what made me think this, but I thought that fucker was dead when he was burned with hot gold. Now, I am going to get off the subject a little.
In reality, there are komodo dragons that live in the Orient. One touch of their rough skin instantly sends a human being to an early grave.
I wonder….since its skin reaks of such poison, what would happen if hot gold is poured on a komodo dragon like they did to Smaug in the movie The Hobbit?
Would it be a cooked poisonous komodo, like a giant lizard, but end up like a soft gold statue, or what? Then, my next thought is: I believe the komodo dragon is one pf the oldest dinosaurs on earth right now.
The chicken is cousin to the Tyrannosaurus Rex. If that komodo gets cooked, will it smell like chicken? Hmmmmmm. I’m guessing that it may smell like cooked meat.Getting back on subject, that hot gold turned Smaug into a beautiful gold dragon for a moment. Hell, after one of my sisters saw this movie, she told me that she got pissed off when that bad motherfucker Smaug seemed like he was dead, until he shook that gold shit off.
Yeah, he was a « bad muthafucka ». Oh yeah, this is the shit! This is the movie! Hell, Smaug reminded me of my daddy. Bad ass, man.
This movie is the shit! As the movie continued and the screen surprisingly went black (indicating the end of the movie), a lot of « Aw shits » and « Aw, mans » were uttered, because the film was that good and no one wanted the movie to end. I even ate two out of three of The Hobbit inspired meals at Dennys (Smaug burger and the Hobbit hole breakfast).
The Hobbit hole breakfast should have been called « Middle Earth » to me, because of the toast with the egg over easy that was in the center of the toast.
I hated that the yolk oozed out of it though. Go and see The Hobbit everyone! It sure was worth it!

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