The Insecure Writer Group: Sound Off! 2014

Happy new year everyone! It is a new day and new year. 2014 is « the year » for millions of people. I had two special years in my lifetime. And, a number of « special moments » , including a few magical moments. My « year », which was was my first special year was right at the turn of the century.
The year 1999 set it off for me by me making unspoken promises to never work another New Year’s Eve. I got tired of spending it working with a bunch of old folks and watching couples kiss one another after the countdown on television. 1999 was also an incredible, scary, and awesome year to me, because I sure as hell had no clue what was to happen to me futurewise beyond the year 1999.
It was scary for me to even imagine the year 1999 as I was sitting in my social studies class halfway daydreaming due to boredom in1985. My teacher’s name was Mrs. Hudgens and there was a classroom bully named J.J., who was one of several students who began counting down the years one day with my teacher. When Mrs. Hudgens and other students reached the year 1999, then 2000, all of them chattered with excitement about what they were going to do or not to do at age twenty five and over
I covered my ears to close out their conversation because I didn’t want to hear any more. I couldn’t even imagine counting that high in years, yet alone imagine what I would be doing at age twenty five. I had only hoped that I would have a wonderful « sweet sixteen », and maybe receive a nice car or something.
Then, I remembered a similar conversation my aunt Gwen had back in 1982. She counted up to the year 2000 with my grandfather. Fastforward to the year 1999, Y2k was supposed to happen, and many other things.
I finally weaned myself from my addiction to different psychic hotline networks and remained close to my clairvoyant /psychic elderly friends. Their accurate predictions helped me through 1999 successfully. However, my symbolic dreams had me feeling confused due to my inability to solve those dreams in an adequate amount of time.
Although it took me years to finally interpret this one final dream, I had to remain content and wait for clues until all pieces of the puzzle came together. Finally, the long awaited and anticipated year arrived, which was predicted in a prerecorded song titled « 1999 ».
Yes, that was a special year indeed! The year 2000 needed to start off on the right foot for me. So, after I left my job for the night, I drove to Pineville, Louisiana and spent New Year’s Day with my grandmother. After my arrival, my grandmommy and I went to church, ate gumbo and rice at her place, and spent the rest of our time with a host of other family members.
« My year » was the year 2000. Y2k never happened, the end of the world never came, I turned twenty five, got pregnant with my little girl, and had lengthy love sessions for a while with her daddy (relations, whatever you call it). Eventhough my psychic friend predicted that me or my baby sister was going to give birth to a child, I had a deep feeling that it was going to be me.
However, it ended up being all of my female siblings (except for my middle sister) who got pregnant, including myself. As a result, it was three out of four of us who were expecting. Two of the children are only seven months apart. My « other year » was the year 2008. All the signs were there. I returned to my old job occupation, moved back to Oklahoma on my second sister’s birthday (9/24), took a heart wrenching journey north (towards Canada), and returned to Tulsa no longer searching for answers. Although a lot of bad things happened that year, that was my year. King-Galaxius Riggoletto-Vladmir Stravinsky was born.
The year 2014 is a year of reflection for me.
And, a reminder what tasks needs to be completed. The year of the snake (2013) has passed and now things take off where they left off. My cycle is almost complete. I hope that everyone’s year is starting off on a positive note. As far as The Insecure Writers Group is concerned, the concern right now is not only about New mbers.
It is also about engaging my audience. Contests are pretty cool. This month and the rest of 2014 is about polls, asking readers about what content they would like to see in my book g, more pictures, bling, eye candy, and this took me…travel to different places with some live coverage. This also may include interviews. Interviews with whom? Hmmm….We’ll see.
We’ll see. Happy new year everyone! I will also be posting my version of what I expect for this year’s Chinese New Year. It is worth celebrating! If you didn’t start off « on the good foot » New Year’s eve 2013, or New Year’s day January 1st, 2014, then here’s your second chance…..bring in the new year by celebrating the chinese new year! Kudos and Cheerio!

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