The Rusty Nail

Is it me? Or, has anyone noticed that eventhough children still have only a few public places to play at (where people pay to play, like Cuck E. Cheese, Dave n’ Busters, etc.), the elderly don’t have fun places to play at at all such as the examples above that are age appropriate.

Sure there is bingo, casinos, strip clubs, and local YMCA’s. However, there are no play places like Chuck E. Cheese’s for old people. Adult day care does not cut it, either. Some of these adult daycare centers don’t seem like daycare centers for the elderly. 

I saw one in Dallas, TX as I was mailing off a letter in the mailbox, where one of many post offices are located. This adult daycare in particular looked like a homeless shelter to me. There was trash around the area, and these poor raggedy looking individuals were just sitting down outside in old raggedy metal chairs. I guess if you let your imagination run wild, an adult daycare can be compared to a children’s daycare in a way. 

To me, there are some similarities.  Some adults like children need their diaper changed. I don’t think the elderly are forced to take naps though. Because of this possible delicate matter, I’m going to verbally tiptoe  over these comparisons and move forward and agree with Shakespeare’s literary comparison of old folks to infants.

This was also my favorite piece of literature from Shakespeare. I just cannot remember the title of this piece of literature in particular.  Anyway, the idea of a play place for senior citizens sounds pretty cool to me. 

If such a place ever opened, I figure that there would at least be around 75 fun games to play. Maybe a mud wrestling match, games off of The Price Is Right,  Wheel of Fortune, state fair type games, horse shoe games, etc.

That’s for starters.

Une réflexion sur “The Rusty Nail

  1. You just put a damper on my idea of vacationing at an adult daycare center! I thought it would be cool and they would take better care of you as you sit around playing video games. I need to change my vacation plans now! 🙂


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