Malibu Barbie


« Malibu Barbie » just released her new CD last year. For all of you guys who do not know this multitalented doll of a gal, it’s Paris Hilton everybody! The much anticipated  CD from her came out last year (I think). Two of Paris’ s songs are « Last Night » and « Good Time ».

Both songs feature Lil’ Wayne . This is a fun sounding song. Paris has a very unique voice. To me, Paris has the type of singing voice that will sound great in more than one genre of music.

She would sound great in the areas of pop, dance, R&B, rock, jazz, country, and hip-hop. Yeah, believe it or not, I said it. After I got done listening to these Paris Hilton/Lil Wayne collaborations and watching the videos, I immediately thought  « Paris is a perfect candidate to sing Disney songs »!

Yep. Not to mention the fact that she is also gorgeous. If Barbie was a human being, Paris Hilton would make her look like « the girl next door » in looks. I did expect a little more from Paris though.

Especially concerning the songs she recorded with Lil’ Wayne. I expected a « booty poppin » type of groove, a Ying Yang Twins type of groove, a funky song that people could « crunk dance » to or something. Something like Usher Raymond’s song « Yeah ». Or, the Ying Yang Twins song « The Whisper Song » or something like that.

All in all, her songs were cute. I expect more on her next CD. Paris looks perfect! Just perfect! Paris, I beg you not to get plastic surgery for a pound cake clapping booty like Nicki Minaj.

Please don’t! Please! Keep your booty as is! No shit like Ice T’s Coco either. No need to. Ya hear? However, I do think that it would be cool for Paris Hilton to have collaborations with T Pain, Akon, Pharell, Jamiroquai, Eric Sermon, D.J. Eddie F., Teddy Riley.

This includes songs produced by these guys, too. Go head with ya bad self « Malibu Barbie ». Paris Hilton rocks!

2 réflexions sur “Malibu Barbie

  1. Malibu Barbie is so fitting for her! I heard on of her songs a while back and didn’t really like it but I might have to check out this new stuff and see how it compares. I might like it! 🙂



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