Year of the Horse


I now truly feel that it is a new year now. Chinese New Year was January 31st and I’m late as hell in writing my spin on it. Here is my spin on it:



Year of the Horse 2014


Lucky stone: Tiger’s eye

Foods of choice: oatmeal, oatmeal products, red apples, and foods that contain wheat (if you are able to eat stuff like wheat bread, etc.).


My question to you is: What’s biting you in the ass? Better wake up and wise up this year. 


Thing to buy this year: A brand new pair of shoes of your choice. You can either wear them or hang them on the wall. If you decide to hang them on the wall, keep them up until the next Chinese New Year, which is next year.

What’s the meaning of this? Walking in your own damn shoes and « trailblazin' » in your own steps. No need to pay attention to anyone else’s success, wish to be in someone else’s shoes, nor  want possessions that belong to someone else.

That same person that you may want to be like, wanted to be like, want to replace, etc. may not be happy, had a terrible life, trapped, etc. Pave your own way, make a fresh start, plan big, and make your own trail, in your brand new shoes!

Treat this year like you are in a race to get to the finish line. I mean, like the Kentucky Derby. For those with health/heart problems: Don’t even try this. Now, for everyone else: Better get started! Whenever you choose to do this, here is a word or two to get started:


Start clocking yourselves. Now! Start by counting backwards or by using a timer, starting from 10 and go to 0 (example: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0!). The focus for you this year is:

1) Temperament: « A person’s or animal’s nature, especially as it permanently affects their behavior ».-google definition


Focus on your temperament. Especially handling negative situations. Are you in a good environment? Your home, the people who surround you, or your friends (if you have any)? If everything is negative, figure out the cause and solve your matter for the best with tact.

2) Physical fitness and stamina

3)Social: Be more interactive and interested in the world around you.


4) No need to be overly guarded and overly cautious.

5) Forget about being aloof.

6) Begin your challenge. Enter at least one contest this year. Compete! Enter a contest that will benefit you somehow. I mean a legitimate contest, too. Whether it is a marathon, 50 yard dash, hair contest, best beard, speech, swimming, or laughing contest, enter it. Enter to win. 

No matter what, you are still a winner because you tried. And, you hopefully will have completed this task of entering a contest. Do something really challenging this year. 


7) Stay away from fried foods and monitor your cholesterol.

More things to do this year is to pamper yourself at the spa or right at the comforts of your own home with oatmeal baths, soaks, and facial peels. If you soak, soak for at least thirty minutes. 

Drink yourself an apple flavored sake. If there is not a place that serves it, bring some apple flavored Jolly Ranchers with you. If you can make natural apple sake, then  by stars do it!

If you are lacking a little motivation, try imagining yourself as a thoroughbred race horse and……go! Start your challenge this year. If you can, pick your competitor, offer them a great and fun challenge, and go!

Do this in groups! Just do it, do it, do it!
8) Breeding: If you still got it and your lady does, too, I guess you better get that bed post to start rockin’!


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