Kik, Your Ass!


Oh, my God! There is like a « one and only » social app. on android phones that is hotter than 1,000 cops in a drug raid. It’s called Kik. My 12 year old created herself an account on this site after downloading it on my mother’s phone.

Two hours ago I discovered something very disturbing. Kik is for people between the ages of thirteen to eighteen, and children are supposed to get permission from their parents! 

That part is O.K. However, I got deeply disturbed to see that while I was on the internet,  my daughter received a message from a man over the age of thirty from some foreign country!

Oh, my God! And, he wanted to know her location! I immediately contacted Kik, reset the app, and joined Kik my damn self. It looks like I will have to monitor her on the web until she turns 18! She even has a friend in junior high right now who labels herself « Get Weed », or something like that.

This scared the shit out of me. Young males on this site are wanting « hot babes » and shit. I still have to work on getting her banned from Facebook. Yet, she turns 13 in May!  My mother’s silly as gave her permission to get a Facebook account. 

That really pissed me off! Parents, there are a lot of horny and sick, stupid little shits out there. I ask you to guard your children like a bike with a chain attached to it. This site should not allow anyone under age 17. In fact, I believe that all children under the age of seventeen should be banned from the computer, except if it were run by the Disney company.

3 réflexions sur “Kik, Your Ass!

  1. That’s ridiculous! How can Kik feel good about themselves letting young children use their app? It comes down to good parenting and you seem like you are doing what you need to. Keep up the good work!


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