On the Road With YouTube


Three days ago I was sitting in the car waiting to pick my daughter up. While we were waiting,  I decided to browse YouTube on the android phone.  I finally found who sang this song with Lil Wayne who has a background beat that sounds like it came from an Atari game.

Some of the lyrics say « booty » and « make it tooty. » Well, my mom actually loves this song. I found out for my mom who did this song. It is Chris Brown.  As the song and the video were playing,  she could not enjoy it because the video kept cutting off. It was at that moment an idea began to form. I was like « why can’t there be like a T.V. screen embedded inside of a car where the radio goes, where there is a button one could push and it goes straight to YouTube? »

Further,  with this invented a person can also program up to 500 songs and videos they can hear and others can watch while driving on the road(of ccourse the driver is not supposed to view the videos while driving).

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