The Spatula Chronicles

The man with the spatula foot. "Spatula Runner"
The man with the spatula foot.
« Spatula Runner »

I feel like ragging on somebody. So, I decided to rag on Oscar Pistorius. Yeah, that’s right. The « spatula runner ». I guess his case continues and may continue for quite some time.

I don’t know if I am correct, but…wasn’t his girlfriend pregnant at the time of her murder?  You know,  the whole thing is just incredulous. I mean here this dude is with one leg.

One leg! He acquires a sexy lady and then murders her?!!!! One leg! Before that he was rumored(?) to have possibly beat the shit out of another female years before?!!! A lot of things ran through my mind.

This guy is also African. South African. I guess it is common for both white and black Africans to beat their women’s asses. However, I am still reeling because this missing limb dude did this. Crippled, missing limbed people, etc.,usually have a difficult time in life and rarely beat the odds.

Because of this they are usually humble and a little depressed because they usually get the short end of the stick. They are also usually mistreated more than the average person and not wanted.

However, most special needs people are usually treated like children or puppies. Anywho, a man like this who walks around with a leg that looks like it is attached to a giant spatula (or a long ice cream scoop)  to it actually gets cocky and kills somebody? What the fuck?

Well, depending on if he goes to jail or gets the death penalty, if he goes to jail, I guess they may have him in the kitchen making omelets with that spatula leg of his.

Une réflexion sur “The Spatula Chronicles

  1. We can all say that everyone deserves somebody, but I see where you are coming from. He has one leg and he should be very lucky to have someone, anyone, who cares about him and he treats them badly. He deserves nothing then.


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