Passing Her By

Food is rationed. 

There is no passion.

Sing « ABC ».

Be careful so you will not get an STD.

Even in her dark brown skin she is judged.

She claims « other » as her race.

A cop is called while she is begging for money, so that she can feed her face.

Life is passing her by as a loved one helps another who has constantly hurt and burned bridges with many.

They act as if they have forgotten what this person has done.

At this time, concerning money and finances, no one has any.

Life passes her by in another house, where another loved one attempts to break the family rules again, by plotting to get knocked up with another african baby no one wants nor wants to be related to.

A neighbor  asked, « Is there anyone to tell this bitch that this is not the thing to do? »

Life passes her by like a reflection.

Her child is growing up while others try to lead them in the wrong direction. 

Life passes her by as she leaves and chooses not to stay.

Nothing is there but heartache and her wilting away watching those idiots, like a fire burning out from cigarette ashes.

There are no stashes.

Life is passing her by as another loved one is being abused and mistreated by her very first boyfriend. 

Everyone hopes that this horrible relationship has a positive end.

Life passes her by as she drinks hot chocolate from a coffee cup.

News is spread that her fourteen year-old cousin is over three months knocked up. 

Want a bon-bon?

Life is passing her by as shitty movies of The Pink Panther plays on.

A downward spiral shows that everything is shod.

Passing her by as her life goes on and on, and on, a life full of tears, strife, disappointment, death, and niggers shcking up, continuing to carry on as if there is no God!Image

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