Bad Girlz


I do the follow4follow thing for blogs (you follow me and I will follow you back). One individual followed me first. I thought that was soooo fucking cool.

They have an interesting blog on tumblr. In this blog, shemales are taking care of business. These are neo shemales! All of them have surgical pussies! 

I mean they were gettin’ down! Anywho, I looked at all of the colorful photos and…boom! Bodies were in motion doing booty, and then some. The more I looked at the blog, the more I began to think. Then, I really began to think.

And, my mind began to drift. All of the guys with long hair and stuff now had vaginas. They were In positions I myself never tried!  Furthermore, I began having more thoughts. These thoughts had to do with what may happen in the near future (if it hasn’t been done already).

O.K. Some of these guys have surgical vaginas now and have a hole In the same  spot down there like women. Let’s say that the shemale with a surgical vagina goes to jail for commiting a crime.

If they sound like a female, gets searched and patted down naked with that surgical vagina, they could be put In prison with women that were born with vaginas. Then, the shit hits the fan.
All I have to say is…….whoa.




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