First Dance

In honor of National Poetry Month
In honor of National Poetry Month
Today was the day.
It was her first chance.
She was going to her first school dance.
I was definitely not delighted.
However, I think she was excited.
Of course it was not a date.
But, I sure was pissed, because I am always the last one to know.

And, I was told rather late.
This situation was not funny.
I even gave her five dollars out of my money.
This shit was something else.
I must confess.
Two of us traveled to another town to pick up her dress.
When we got back, everything seemed fine.
That was until my child tried to snatch away the Android cellphone that was mine.

The shock showed in my eyes.
This was a milestone moment.
My child took me by surprise!
This was not alright.
There is no such thing as a snitcher.
Next thing I know, my kid shied away, ran, and didn’t want me to take her picture!

Although I slowly walked up to her, I continued to smile.
The next words that came from my mouth were, « This is your first dance. You are my only chile. »

My words fell upon deaf ears.
She decided to run and hide.
There was nothing else to say.
The last time she acted like this, it was her second birthday!

She looked adorable, right down to her adorable copper painted brown toes.
Next thing I knew, she put on a pair of sneakers and changed her clothes!

Later on I guess she felt guilty, put back on her party dress, walked where I was sitting,and stood in place.

I then began to verbally give her an example of her behavior while looking at her face.

It was not about a log.
It was about the town’s elementary teacher’s teddy bear-looking poodle dog.

It was sooooo cute.
No need for a vet.
No matter how hard I tried, I could not even get a single pet.
Sure, I got to play peek-a-boo.
It was as if that furry fucker had a heart made of tin.
On my last visit the cutie pie finally let me hold her.

That was a small win.
On this day I was not bereft.
Finally, my 12 1/2 year old child got ready totally and left.

Not long after that she returned.
Something happened outside.
That is what I learned.
She entered the room and looked at me.
Next thing I knew, she sat beside me.
And, we began watching T.V.
After that she got back up.
I guess I was a bore.
She then asked permission to go to the store.
Not a single explanation was given to me.
There was no lying.
Before she left out of the front door, she quickly wiped her face.
It was because she may have been crying.

I am not a total big lug.
Furthermore, I told her that I love her very much.
And, I gave her a big hug.
When mom returned, she told me what happened.

She continued to drive my other kinfolk to school.
It was further down south.
In the end, my child lost her privilege to go to the school dance.

This was because of her smart ass mouth.

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