Cream Puff: The Scabber Series: Volume I

The night was foggy, hot, and sticky.

Remaining quiet was rather tricky.

The white ghastly figure shone bright.

It was the blackest night.

Under the vintage cape was a frightening sight.

At this moment no one was around.

The creaking of the broken wooden steps that Sirius walked on was the only sound.

It was way past dawn and later than dusk.

The putrid smell emanating from inside of the tornado shelter was concealed with the fragrance of some kind of musk.


On the grass was morning dew.

No one knew what this individual had to hide.

Here at this place dwelled so many secrets inside.

Sirius was famished.

This was one thing to say in the least.

He slowly walked up to the source of his meal.

Now was time for the big feast.

Sitting before him used to be a perpetrator now turned victim.

Bryan Maloney turned his ravaged face towards Sirius and started crying.


Next, Sirius began to start the same pattern like he always did days before methodically beginning his ritual.


It was Bryan’s rope he began untying.

Sirius then began, « Your tears sound of pity.

Your words make you a liar.

You seem so humble, yet your eyes spit fire.

Hmmm…what else is in that head? »

This was what Sirius said.

« Talk all you want.

Say what you might.

What I am going to do to you is going to take all night.

You know what the routine is. 

There is no need to say it, again.

You are not going to win.

It’s time to eat.

All I want is your skin. »

Lying in the far right hand corner lie David Montgomery 

The rest of what Sirius did ended up in the local newspaper,  posted like a summary.


He touched his victims lightly, as if touching something, like a little dab.

Furthermore, he untied his victims’ blindfolds, just to peel off the longest scab.


Down in the shelter were kabobs consisting of long sticks.

The meat on them consisted of these mens’ dicks.

One of them Sirius picked up beside the dumpster.

David looked like scum.

Now he felt sorry he went undercover dressed as a bum.

Sirius was now thirsty.

So, he began to drink 1500 cc’s of ten mens’ cum.

The fire began to crackle in the makeshift basement.

Sirius then looked at Bryan and told him, « Thanks for your head. »

Afterwards, he put the glass jar down and began to eat one of the barbecued dick kabobs in between two slices of bread.


Slowly, ever so slowly Sirius began to walk to the kitchen.

After that he returned to put a tin cup up to David’s nose.

It contained a cup full of pus.

At that very precise moment, Sirius remembered that he left a nursing home patient waiting inside of the bus.


He then stopped what he was doing and finished the last of his kabob sandwich.

After that, Sirius began to munch on some chips.

Time was running out.

He had to hurry up.

So, he rushed to fetch the bus keys from his purse made of human lips.

« Wake up Cory and Chris!

I need your piss!

I cannot wait to unpeel the biggest scabs from your brain!

At ease!

You are making my mouth water.

The area over both of your heads will be my breakfast. 

Those thick scabs are soooo right.

The way its yellowish/green crispiness covers your half exposed brains look like monterrey jack cheese.


When I get back, every one of you are going to burn.

I will start with pouring alcohol over all of those wounds, just so they can scab all over again when I return. »



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