C3P.O. : Part II



He was unique in comparison and not made with metal.

He definitely was not made with rubber bands.

To continue,  he could heat cold food with just a delicate touch of his own hands.

Although, sometimes it looked like he was trying to think.

Another thing this robot could do was turn a

beverage cold by blowing his breath over a drink.

I know that I am on a roll.

This thing had a built-in thermos control.

As far as this story is concerned, nature did not take its course.

Now, the story is about to unfold.

His name was C3.

He was named after a horse.

The animal Colonel Cheapskate won one hundred and fifty races at the Kentucky Derby.

C3’s master, Leonard  Raybiin thought of naming him after the vaccum brand that people called « Kirby ».

To add, his new invention was never flaunted around town.

This robot worked around the clock, from sunup to sundown. 

Eventhough this storyline seems rather modern, all of the characters existed before Leonard Skynard.

Twenty years,  three days, and seventeen minutes was the total time frame that C3 served his Master Leonard. 

Time sure did fly.

It was some time after this period of twenty years that Master Leonard decided to revealthis one and only secret, which was kept from the entire world.

All of a sudden, he began to think that too much time passed by. 

However,  once the secret was revealed,  he hoped that it would not cause too much of a


The first person he was going to introduce to C3 was the love of his life, his fiancee Ophelia Crumberstock.

Once introduced to society,  Master Leonard hoped that he would be given an expensive reward.

If so, it was of such value to wet the appetite of Ophelia.

She was a dame no other gentlemen could afford.

Maybe not even this lord.

Just two names did not suit this robot Colonel Cheapskate.

That was not to be.

Before perfection status was achieved in building robots, there were two before C3.

He was model number three.

Neither one was made the same.

Only this model turned out to be successful.

As a result, Master Leonard Raybiin put the number three at the end of Colonel Cheapskate’s name.

Let’s see.

Next, his full name became Colonel Cheapskate Model #3.

No matter what was going to happen, Master Leonard’s plans were not going to abort.

The current events to come were all planned accordingly.

They were to unfold in the old historic section of Shreveport.

Master Leonard then clapped his hands with glee.

He began to imagine that he was to receive a standing ovation.

The exact spot of hid grand introduction was to be held near the Mardi Gras, during the celebration.


(to be continued)… 


2 réflexions sur “C3P.O. : Part II

  1. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!


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