Father’s Day 2014

Father’s Day this year was weird. Most of the men who I encountered were quiet. This day seemed more like a regular work day or just a plain Sunday.

I was going to say that all Mexican men this day were rude. I really felt like it. However, I could not. I did not. The first one that I encountered was rude as hell after I greeted him with,  « Happy Father’s Day!, » at Grandys.

Eventhough I gave him direct eye contact, he continued to walk on by as if I didn’t say a word! This was because he didn’t know English, because of my skin color, a combination of both, or he just refused to respond (if he spoke English at all). I was in Texas, mind you.

This state is extremely racist. When this Mexican/Hispanic acted like this, I began to think,  « You dark mother fucker! » Anywho, Most middle eastern men responded with a polite, « Thank you.  »

However, a total of three middle eastern men did not. Other racial groups that I ran into politely said, « Thank you,  » as well. Two black guys were rude. Moving right along, I had a great breakfast at Grandys.

However, I wish that this fucker of an establishment offered holiday specials like a lot of other places. But, Grandys does not. I was going to watch the movie Malificent. I’ll watch that later.

This movie is kicking ass at the box office though. Well, happy Father’s Day to me, my immediate « head niggers in charge » family members,  and the rest of the world!

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