Shake Yo Ass!: Part III

During the Clinton administration,  I noticed that there were a whole lot of job opportunities and how thick the employment section was in pages. I also noticed that employers quickly hired people when slots for employment were available.  Next, I have noticed that more and more poor Americans are getting their foodstamps cut.

And, I heard that foreigners somehow are doing better than Americans and are getting more foodstamps, better places to live, are living in neighborhoods where black people are, while black people are losing their homes.

A lot of Mexicans are given the opportunity to purchase these homes at cheap prices, while black Americans continue to struggle. What is going on?  In Texas, Oklahoma, and other places black people (excluding Africans) are losing their jobs and getting replaced by hispanics.

In Texas, one day you may see a black person working at a Popeyes establishment. The next day you may see an entire crew of hispanics working in that same Popeyes,  and continue to see them FOREVER!

To continue,  there is no equal opportunity regarding employment. There are issues relating to this reason. To me, the big reason

is: preference to employ illegals over Americans and black Americans. It seems like there are always going to be problems regarding employment. Why? Because a lot of people out there are assholes. A lot of assholes hire who they want.

One of the first things these assholes do is hire their family and friends. After that is a toss up. You can get all of the training and education that you want. However, you are NEVER guaranteed to get the job that is posted in the classifieds, whether you are qualified for the job or not.

If you wait for a job and your rent is due in the next few days, and there Is no one close  to you who can or will help you,  you could wind up homeless or whatever and have to fend for yourself.

And, maybe you will live sort of like an animal if you end up in this situation. By the time you have been homeless for so long, you may end up too sick to start over even if you get hired to work the easiest type of job. As a homeless person, you are definitely vulnerable to having a decline in your health.

And, just the experience itself can cause mental detioration. Now there is Obamacare. The idea sounded great, but the plan is very shitty and may be the shittiest plan in healthcare history! The website stayed fucked up.

Plus, I registered and they cannot even find or locate me in whatever system with a social security number! So, I cannot do shit! Moving right along, regarding employment, millions of Americans are getting knocked out of getting an equal opportunity to get jobs from places like Six Flags, Walmart, Check places, Office places like Office Max (?), because of questions similar to those on the MMPI test.

Such questions are: I want to cuss at times, etc. Tests questions like these can make a person say, « What the fuck?!! I want a job! Why is this question here? And, how come there is not just an application? »

Illegal Immigration:

There were a lot things Ronald Reagan did. Apparently, he pissed a lot of people off. I heard that he was a racist and made it difficult for blacks in the state of California to get bank loans.

He did present Michael Jackson an award back in 1984. That was a nice speech that he gave at that particular time. Furthermore, there are some things that I have wondered about though.

When Ronald Reagan told Mikhail Gorbachev to « tear down these walls », in West Berlin, did he consider the fact that the United States would have such a huge illegal immigration problem to the point that there needs to be a 1,000 foot wall all around the United States, to prevent illegal immigration?

Did Ronald Reagan even think about the fact that Americans are not treated as nice in other nations as the United States? Immigration has happened here in the United States since way before the United States became a country, before the native Americans made their homes here, and before the Vikings traveled through the United States,  Canada, Labrador, etc. Illegal immigration has been a problem for a long time,  too.

There are some things here I definitely am going to mention concerning illegal immigration. Since a lot of people here in the United States accept illegal immigrants from all around the world (except black Africans I believe), with permission from the current U.S. president (?) and some others (?), will I be able to be an illegal immigrant in Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Greece, and other countries in the world?

Or, just a foreign country of my choice? Can I get a one way ticket for a flight to any of these places, or a boat trip and be allowed to settle in these countries and be accepted with open arms?

Can I arrive there with someone waiting for me in these countries to give me a job and a nice home very quickly, with food stamps and shit? Will I be able to be given free health and dental care and get to fuck, have up to fourteen children, drive a fairly new vehicle, get to party on weekends and shit? Will I be able to do this shit in these other countries?

Will I be able to settle down in these countries and be able to dress myself and child/children better than everyone else and call a beggar with brown skin lazy, a nigger,and refuse to give them a single penny when no one will hire them in their own native country?

Will I?  Can I come over and fuck the hottest blonde your country has to offer, get knocked up,  and receive papers to become a citizen of your country? Can I? (to be continued)…

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