Shake Yo Ass! : Part IV

I made two trips to Canada in the past. In 2007 I went to Toronto,  Ontario Canada and turned back around, satisfied with what I saw. As a result,  I made plans to return back there in the future so I can go to school.

In 2008 I decided to take the straight route to get to Canada by driving straight through Oklahoma, further up the map right through the Dakotas (North and South Dakota).

My destination this time was to visit Winnipeg. I was turned around by border patrol, grilled for almost two hours at the U.S./Canadian border, and was denied entry to get to Winnipeg! I felt that the border patrol people may have been racist and that they may have been U.S. people working the border.

Many people in the United States kindly accept people from different countries in the world.  People in churches praise the Lord and literally will take the shirt off their own back and welcome foreigners with smiles and shit. Those are the facts.

Some of these foreigners may end up being called « sand monkeys », niggers, or whatever.  But, they are still accepted here in the United States.  While this is happening,  other U.S. citizens are refused employment.

Especially black Americans. Hell, even Africans are preferred over a black American. That is really sad. There is a huge myth concerning what some of these people are being paid,  too!

This includes how « hard working » these foreigners are. Some really do work. But, all of them?  Shiyaaaaaaaaat! Hey, this next question goes out to all of the other countries in the world outside of the United States:


If I come to your country, will I be able to live over there in your country and go to college for free? Africa and the middle east is out of the question. So is South America.  I do not want my head blown off nor my ass eaten by wild animals that need to be locked up in a zoo.

Along with illegal immigration is a problem with crime. When these foreigners committ crimes, all they have to do is run back to their native country! These people actually get social security cards and drivers licenses! I don’t know how one individual , especially a foreigner or con artist can have two social security cards with different social security numbers in their possession!

Yeah, they get credit cards and shit, too! I had a number of things happen to me.



To be continued. ….


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