Shake Yo Ass! : Part 5

Years ago I used to live in Arlington,  Texas. Since 2002 all the way up until the year 2004, I used to take some of my family members to San Antonio,  Texas for Cinco de Mayo. Also, I used to love buying Mexican worry dolls.

I collected so much stuff that I eventually decorated a tall table of mine, putting my collection of worry dolls on my table. At this particular moment in time,  I just moved into an apartment.

A few weeks after moving into this apartment,  the limbs and hair of my worry dolls were burned up! I was pissed and showed my mother this weird ass act of violation of my privacy.

A few weeks after this I had my toddler daughter and oldest niece over. Later on this day in particular, I began to lie down and relax. Not long after I laid down and closed my eyes, my niece noticed that someone was turning my doorknob on the front door. Before this happened I locked the door myself.

After my niece told me this, I looked at the turning doorknob and could not believe my eyes! Once the door was opened, guess who it was? It was a guy who mowed the lawn to the apartment complex where I lived!!!!!

This guy had a key to my apartment! He unlocked my fucking front door!  He saw me, said, « Soddy, » and shut the door back! After this, I never saw him again. I went to the apartment complex office and was moved to another apartment.

It didn’t stop there. In the same city(Arlington,  Texas), and at another apartment complex,  someone kept drinking my middle sister’s Coca Cola’s out of our refrigerator!  Next, this person ate the chocolates out of the Easter baskets that I made! My mom told me not to leave the Easter baskets at that apartment.  I had to have proof that someone indeed was eating and drinking our shit. I finally got the chance to prove to everyone and myself that « something was goings on ». That weekend,  we all went to Saint Louis to participate in a small fair. Not only was all of my favorite fucking candy gone, nothing but the fake green grass was left in all of the baskets! It didn’t stop there, either!

When everyone returned my mom decided to change her clothes in the livingroom. While changing her clothes,  the front door began to unlock and turn. As a result, my mother stepped in front of the door to block entry and lock both locks (including the deadbolt). Unfortunately,  the intruder pushed harder. The door flew open while my mother was half naked. As a result,  all of us saw the intruder. It was one of the maintenance men! All of these intruders were hispanic. You know the terrible thing about this shit? I began thinking: in the medical field, if you have no proof of this shit a person begins to look a little nuts after so many reports filed.

Especially in nursing homes. Thank God I had witnesses. However, aside from nursing homes,  a person experiencing this shit can look a little nuts, too by making so many police reports. Most of these apartments were not far from Six Flags Over Texas, too.

Back to the maintenance man: Mom was topless and the guy hurried down the stairs.  There was no work order or anything turned in. This person just decided to enter my sister’s apartment!  Texas is a playground for illegal immigrants and criminals.  Other stuff happened, too. Almost several years ago or more my oldest nephew was lured into an apartment where a group of Hispanic men stayed. They were neighbors of my second oldest sister. If it weren’t for another neighbor alarming someone, it’s no telling what would have happened to my nephew.

The cops were called. I then inquired for a full investigation. I found out that there would be none because my stupid ass sister refused to pursue. I then called the immigration office.

No one picked the phone up. I tried for several weeks. Same thing. I guess the office of immigration stays off the hook in Texas, just like I witnessed the phone off the hook in the now closed Greyhound office that was in Arlington,  Texas. In Texas it is easy for illegals to get jobs as a lawn guy, janitor, and shit like that because their backgrounds are usually not checked. Hell, hardcore criminals,  too!




Well, it’s like this:  I care about myself,  my child, and some family members.  I would like some of us to be very successful and live far beyond a comfortable life and all of that wonderful shit.

I also would like to be able to have fun and travel wherever the fuck I want to without having any problems. And,  live wherever the fuck in the world I want to live, go to Canada whenever/however I damn well please with no interruptions.

Ya hear me?



To be continued…


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