Insecure Writers Group: July 2014

Not much progress. Not much progress at all. In fact, it looks like I’ll be promoting myself FOREVER. I will be PROMOTING, PROMOTING, PROMOTING!  This summer is ending as fast as it started. It is truly amazing of how busy some of my writer friends are!

They have written so many fucking books that, I swear there is a new release and shit every fucking week! One of my friends even got herself a makeover! I had to tell her that she looked really pretty. 

However,  she hasn’t even had time to even respond to say, « Thank you,  » yet! Shit! In between promoting myself I will be planning to spend quality time with my child.

I tried finding some free and low cost camps where she could have a fun time and mingle with her peers, but Texas doesn’t have that. Growing up I attended NYSP as a kid.

Although I was pretty much just interested in being an artist, two of my peers told me to join the camp. One of them was a boy who bullied me for three years. He even yelled at me with a big grin, waving at me and asking me how come I had not joined.

I then began debating whether I wanted to be bullied in camp. Another peer knew I was into goodies. I was in. However, there was a slight problem: I wasn’t into sports!

So, I had to participate. Boy, was I sure glad that I finally met someone who lived near me that I was able to get along with.  As a result, we had a blast!

I had a new sports buddy! And, we both enjoyed our delicious meals together on the college campus.

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