Thought for the Day

I was just thinking: I think that the lights on police cars are pretty. Except, it is scary when cops pull you over. To me, those lights remind me of Christmas lights. Hell, toy cop cars can be purchased at stores such as: Toys r Us, Walmart, and others.

I began to really think throughout the day about cop cars. I think it would be cool if all police cars in the United States were created to look just like Rubiks Cubes! Rubiks Cube cars!

Yeah! Can you imagine it? Four wheeled Rubiks Cubes! And, at the top of the squad car, the cop lights would be a top row just like the top row of a Rubiks Cube!

That top row of the car would turn like a Rubiks cube and flash those Christmas looking lights! Another change would be their uniform. I’m about to go all out on this one:

Undercover cops’ uniforms would look like Bob the Builder’s and regular cops would wear the  costume of that blue guy from Monsters Incorporated.



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