Desperately Seeking Joseph

Sometimes Tanya thinks that Big Booty Bertha has gone baddy.


All of these years of bitterness and anger pent up over her daddy.


Not to be sinister.

Her daddy was a minister.

A cheater while he was a husband.

Not to be coy.

This same minister left his wife after so many years of her being fat.


Momma’s boy.

His mother’s joy.

Hard headed boy, who lacked looks to be somebody’s boytoy.





And an only child.


Therefore, he went on to have a family of eight.


It is difficult to imagine why his eldest child is still angry at him, because four of her own children’s lives were a living hell.


Big Booty Bertha.

Oh well.

Pretty much, all her dad did was crack the fuck up in Vietnam.




Her daddy has remained sick ever since.


Her stupid ass has been mad at him from the age of 18 all the way up until her current age of 60!


Where did both of these individuals’ brains go?


Somewhere in a can?

He’s only a shell of a man!

Big Booty Bertha is not a little girl anymore.


She is desperately seeking her father.


Why bother?

Desperately seeking Joseph!

The father she had, before he lost his mind.


He may never come back!

How wack.

This woman will never yield!


Joseph’s mind may forever remain focused on the CIA and on the battlefield.

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