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Look out fertility clinics! There is a new place set up in an area near you by a celebrity. Guess who? This new fertility clinic is owned by none other than Sylvester Stallone’s mom Jacqueline Stallone! Because of this lady and her genius ideas, women will now have the opportunity to give birth to children whose eggs have been fertilized by famous celebrity men!

Ladies, can you imagine your eggs being fertilized by sperm by famous celebrities such as: Leonardo Dicaprio, Viggo Mortensen, etc.? These celebrities’ names are used as an example. However, the celebrities who donate their sperm will also make a profit by donating as well. So, everyone will pretty much walk away happy, once a successful fertilization takes place, followed by a successful pregnancy, and then « bada-boom! bada-bing! » A beautiful baby by a well known celebrity male!

I think this is something worth checking out. I read…

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