20140509_181651Well, a few months ago I was going to do an entry about Sharia law,  because I read that England is trying to decide whether or not to have this over there.

My question to England is:


Why bring that shit to your country when you as a country along with the United States of America are still trying to conquer the middle east and spread your freedom messages, and western culture over there in the middle east?

That’s nuts! !! Middle eastern people,  Islam,  whatever the fuck people,  have been flocking to Europe and the United States of America because of the lack of freedom,  persecution,  and shit.  Why start that shit all over,  again?!!

I wanted to thoroughly read about Sharia law. So, I began to read about it on the Wikipedia site.  I couldn’t. It was just too much shit to go over! !!

As a result,  I started with the sex beliefs. That was O. K. to me. However,  I did not see anything about age regarding sex though.  Furthermore,  in the middle east and places in Africa, there are child brides as young as age 10! Gaddamn!!

Now that shit really is downright perverted and nasty. Fucking kids and shit!!!  I certainly don’t believe in that!!! Next,  I browsed a little longer and saw pictures of sex positions,  followed by historical information about sex beliefs in various cultures, etc.

Also, I tried to browse over the topics about crime and spousal shit regarding Sharia law. I couldn’t. Further, I tried to read more. I could not. Too many women born into this Sharia shit have had their noses, cut off,  pussies cut out,  faces burned with acid,  murdered,  knifed, and more! !!

The only thing that I can say is:  Holy shit!

Another thing that I am going to mention concerns stoning women. Do they stone mens’ s sorry asses over there, too? That is another question of mine. Stoning someone’s ass is soooooooo old and outdated! Hell, I can think of about fifty individuals that need their asses rocked right now!

All of them live in the United States of America,  too! Hell, if that shit were practiced here, I would be like, « Nigga it’s on!!! Go rock all of their asses at work!! All of them summabitches!!! »

I wouldn’t want them dead though.  Just hurt for a year or two. I call this the « rock ’em sock ’em law. » Moving right along,  middle eastern people located in the middle east are just going to have to fight for more freedoms in the middle east,  which leads me to reach another conclusion:


If middle eastern people have fought and are still fighting for freedoms in the middle east,  then Mexicans and other south Americans can do the same shit for their own independence and improve their own economies in Mexico and south America as well! If not,  then either the U. S. or Russia needs to purchase all of Mexico for about 2 to 10,000 pesos.

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