Rock Steady: Part Two

Khalila: Does she get her ass rocked? We shall see.
Khalila: Does she get her ass rocked? We shall see.
Life was about to take a bumpy turn for Khalila. There was one too many men who were angry at her.
And, there were one too many women who were jealous of her beauty. She reeked of sensuality, had natural red hair, silver colored eyes that was the tint of stormy skies, an hour glass figure, an ass like Nicki Minaj, a beautiful singing voice like Chante Moore, tits like Dolly Parton, and the facial features of Brigitte Nielsen.
To continue, her skin color was like Rosie Perez and she « got it baby just like that »(El Debarge). Yep. She was all that and a bag of chips. Khalila’s hometown: Bangladesh.
This chick loved her independence.It was a bright and beautiful day outside as she freely walked around shopping in Morrocco, where she was shopping for gifts for her mother, nieces, and nephews.
Khalila wasn’t ready to settle down yet. She thought that it may be more appropriate to do that in another three to five years or so. Somebody was watching her closely. It was more than one somebody.
She noticed this ten minutes later and did not care. In fact, she occasionally smiled and laughed, switching her hips occasionally. Khalila finally finished shopping and decided to walk into a dark alley.
In the next moment, she saw nothing but blackness. She smelled a strong scent under her nostrils. Next, a hand covered her mouth. The strong scent caused her to pass out. Twelve hours passed before Khalila awakened to the sight of twelve magnificently dressed men.
They disappeared as quickly as they appeared before her. Sleep eluded her as she fully awakened to her surroundings. Her clothing was made of the finest spun silk.
She was dressed in silk from the bottom of her heels to her neck, except for her veil. Khalila was dressed as if she were in a harem. It was unknown to her where she was at present, until a soft rugged voice began to speak in her right ear, telling her that she was in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. The soft and sensuous voice belonged to Lutfi Zahr al-Riya, a shepherd who was from Brunei.
It was as if Khalila was playing a part in a dream. Lutfi was so nice to her. He began to feed her. Later on he quenched her thirst, groomed her hair, and entertained her.
This gentle treatment carried on until she could not stand the suspense anymore. « What is going on? , » asked Khalila. Lutfi chose to be silent.
« Why am I here?, » she continued.
« You will see, » Lutfi answered. « Just be patient, my pretty. You will find out soon enough,  » he explained.
« Can you give me a hint?, » asked Khalila.
« O.K. This is place is a favorite location for me and my friends to play The Hunger Games. This is all that I will tell you. Hopefully, you have a strong back and a lot of stamina. You will definitely need it, » explained Lutfi. « You will rise at sunset, » he ordered.
After the sun set Lutfi gently commanded Khalila to stand up. She did as she was told. In the far distance was a circle of twenty tents. A cloaked figure began to step out of one of the tents and began walking in the direction of where Lutfi and Khalila were standing. « I trust that Lutfi has treated you well, » replied Sheik Abdul-Basit. « You have experienced the good. Now it is time face the music and experience the bad, » sheik Abdul continued. « Dance for me!, » commanded the sheik.
Khalila looked at both men, momentarily stunned about what she was ordered to do. « Do as he says, » Lutfi softly ordered. « He is not only a sheik. He is one of your masters, » Lutfi explained again.
Khalila really didn’t know what in the hell she was doing. Although she was nervous, she began to seductively dance around both men.
She even began to grin, until sixteen more men appeared and formed a circle around Khalila, sheik Abdul-Basit, and Lufti Zahr al-Riya. Khalila immediately stopped dancing and removed the seductive grin from her face.
This behavior made the sheik angry. As a result, Sheik Abdul slapped Khalila so hard that she fell to the ground. Blood began to trickle down her bottom lip. « I told you to dance, bitch!, » Sheik Abdul yelled. In Khalila’s mind, it seemed like the sheik’s eyes turned into mere slits while his eyeballs seemed like they turned black.
This caused Khalila to be paralyzed with fear. The group of sixteen men stopped clapping and it was now quiet in the camp of Sheik Abdul-Basit. « Bring my boom machine, » the sheik ordered.
« Yes, boss, » answered Lufti. After he ordered Lufti to get his boom box, Sheik Abdul glared down at Khalila and said, « Hell hath no fury when your garments are torn. »
Khalila remained paralyzed with fear. « Let the games begin, boys!, » Sheik Abdul excitedly yelled. « Off with those rags!, » yelled Badi al Zaman.
All sixteen of the men began running towards Khalila and began ripping off her garments. She was no longer paralyzed with fear. She was scared shitless in motion. So, she began screaming to the top of her lungs. The sheik remained rooted to the spot where he was standing and waited until Khalila was naked before everyone, due to the men ripping every shred of material off of her body.
« Enough! This is supposed to be a slow torture, like rotisserie chicken!, » the sheik said. The group of men obeyed and were sweating and breathing hard. This remunded Khalila of a pack of crazed and hungry coyotes. Lutfi returned with the boom box. « Pick her up and carry her to the bed of bunga raya and calanit. Lutfi, you will sample her first. I will be next, » Sheik Abdul ordered.
Lutfi did like he was instructed and carried Khalila into the assigned tent. (to be continued)…

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