A Writer’s Nightmare!

Oh, my God! I thought I was going to literally shit my pants! Almost an hour ago, I found out that someone has listed my adult humor book for sale on eBay! Here is the shocker: the seller has that my book is a hardback Trafford Publishing doesn’t have any of my shit in hardback! And, the seller has been a seller since 2003, I never have made a single sale on this book from Trafford, and this shit happened? !!! I emailed Trafford A.S.A.P.
This fucker is selling my book on Product Half, an eBay site. Oh, shit I am pissed!

8 réflexions sur “A Writer’s Nightmare!

  1. My book was put on ebay for a crazy £4,000…wtf???? It doesn’t really bother me though, and I merely smile with amusement. In your case, I would have to wonder what they will do if someone orders. Look at it this way, its free advertisement on your book.


    1. Well, someone is selling my books on eBay. That part is not a problem. The problem with this is the fact that this particular book of mine was NEVER published in a hardback form AT ALL! My books are all in softcover.
      Not only that, there are hardly any companies at all that have any of my books. Those companies that were sent copies only have one copy. And, when the copies DO SELL, only the company, myself, and the printing company is supposed to divvy up the profits.
      All of my books are PRINT ON DEMAND, unless I have extra copies and pass them out myself! My X rated adult book retails for $44.15. The person selling this on the ebay site is selling the book for $51.23 plus $3.99 shipping and handling.


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