Pandemonium!: Ebola!

Well, Ebola made it to the United States. There were American health care workers who wanted to be in Africa. Further, they got infected with Ebola and returned to the United States.
Furthermore,these health care workers returned to the United States and exposed everyone they were around. This includes everyone who was in their path, from the site they got infected at to the airport, right down to their living quarters.
Do you think that it was right to send them back to the United States when they were living and working in Africa at the time? Why isn’t there a ban on people flying into and out of Africa until this disease is curable? Or, at least a ten to twenty year ban on traveling to and from Africa?
Are you scared of being amongst Africans now?
I am, kind of. Most Africans have free reign to travel wherever they want to in the world. However, I am not sure how often they travel to the middle east, nor do I know if people really like them over there.
Just think about the scary facts: A lot of Africans are brought to America and most of Europe by churches and stuff. A lot of them are known to settle in England, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, Switzerland, Italy, the United States of America, Cuba, Danish and Dutch speaking countries. And, more! That also means that these countries have been exposed!
Not only that, it looks like all of Africa is contagious! My God! This is like a new age black plague! When will it end! Although it is known that Ebola was only known to exist in Africa, white workers came back home and exposed more people!
And, Africans already in Africa spread it more in Africa! Oh, my God!20140315_155359

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