Inquiring Minds Want to Know…..

20140410_161014My inquiring mind wants to know if it is true that Bruce Jenner is transforming himself into a woman. A few months ago, I read in some trash magazine that he is working on this transformation right now, including getting his dick cut off.
I kind of believe this because he is really looking different. I looked at his recent magazine photos and was wondering if he is trying to look like Debbi Rowe, Cindy Crawford, Martha Stewart, Maria Shriver, or what?
Somebody told me that he looks like a democrat. What? Anyway, time will tell! I guess People Magazine or something like that will let everyone know, first.

2 réflexions sur “Inquiring Minds Want to Know…..

  1. I hardly consider this tabloid talk about Bruce Jenner worth the print and paper let alone any other medium. One would think we have other matters of far greater importance to discuss. Just saying . . .



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