A Day In the Life: Halloween 2014

This Halloween was like so totally twisted. My daughter changed her mind this past week and decided not to trick-or-treat with my sister and her children. That kind of pissed me off.She decided that she wanted to trick-or-treat with a new friend of hers who attends school with her. I ended up feeling like « oh, well. » No sweat (or so I thought) because I originally planned to party in Tulsa, OK at this cool ass club. Well, it turns out that I could not because I had to wait for both me and my daughter’s Halloween masks. Well, guess what? Things were getting more fucked up because the UPS guy did not deliver our masks until almost 5:00 P.M. After that, I had to hurry and get the rest of my outfit ready. My mom (who is also an author) returned from her Halloween party and we then rushed to give my daughter her mask. My sister was adamant that « no one was going to mess up her Halloween ». And, I was adamant about getting my Halloween candy. So, I decided that since I couldn’t party in Tulsa, I was going to trick-or-treat with my daughter. Mom and I pulled up and it was on and poppin. Everything would have been cool, but Baby New Year (my mom with Halloween outfit) hauled ass! I was Dobby and could hardly see shit through my mask. Children cannot trick-or-treat right these days. One of the mother’s of an associate of my daughter’s assumed that I was there to chaperone. Hell no! But I did make sure that the group of children did not get lost, until my child and I called it quits for Halloween. Oh, my God! The teenagers who trick-or-treated were barely serious about getting the candy! They basically just enjoyed going house to house, arguing, laughing, and singing! When the group started going too far in the darkness of the night and started separating, I had one of the parents called and told her that we needed to go into another neighborhood where people were still passing out candy. It was only 8:08 P.M. when people were cutting their lights out. I had that parent called and called my ride. It went to shit after that. Without my knowledge and permission my daughter passed her mask on to a kid. Boy was I pissed! After a long and hard walk, me and my pissed off daughter sat and waited for our ride. I still had my costume on when a kid looked at me in my Dobby mask and told me to « get my fucking ass up and continue trick-or-treating. » That was the highlight of the night for me. I had to laugh at that one.

After everything was all over, my sister called. Her Halloween went pretty shitty as well. Her teenage son and other kids acted an ass. As a result, their Halloween night was cut short as well. Last but not least, I thought that I would be watching Elvira. No such luck.

I am stuck with watching back to back sequels of shitty ass Silence of the Lambs. Damnit!20141031_214105


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