Bizarre Thought of the Day

I just had this bizarre thought as I browsed LinkedIn. Well, the Disney company has a lot going on: ideas and all kinds of magical eye popping shit.After reading a few lines about what’s happening in the news of the « magical kingdom », a strange thought popped into my head.
Well, Disney has a cruise line, Disneyland, Disneyworld, Disney weddings, Disney birthday parties, and other stuff. I was thinking that maybe one day Disney will perform Disney funerals where instead of the sad stuff that traditional funerals do, some magical looking shit would be performed as if the deceased flew off to a magical fairy paradise or some type of shit.
Something magical looking like the 3-D wedding cake that was invented, where fairies and shit circle the cake and fly away or something.
Millions of people have beliefs that their loved ones (whether they were good or down right evil) went to a « better place » after their deaths.
I was also thinking that Disney could host baby showers, too. Something. Maybe a magical stork could pop out and deliver a baby on the mother to be’s lap or something.
Too bad this idea didn’t pop into my head on Halloween. 20140324_141118

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