Biting His Style

Author Virginia Elaine Johnson Lee has turned over a new leaf. She Is sporting a new look and has been playing Jeffrey Osbourne like there is no tomorrow! After playing Jeffrey Osbourne’s song « Woo, Woo, Woo » for like five hours, she changed her music selection up and started playing Kem.
Hearing his music took me briefly down memory lane to the first time when I first heard Kem’s music. 20141110_145810It was a beautiful and quiet night more than three years ago. Two of my family members and I were riding in a car. The time? Approximately after 7:00 P.M.
Hell, it may have even approached almost 9:00 P.M. This nice song was playing on the radio. The singer sounded a little like Al Jarreau. But, something was wrong.
« Hey, mom, » I said. « This song sounds great! It kind of sounds like Al Jarreau! Then, it doesn’t! What do you think?, » I continued.

« It sounds like him, » my mom answered.
I then continued by saying, « I like the song, but if it is Al Jarreau, something is wrong. He just doesn’t have that special touch, that umpth. Ya know? That « Al Jarreau special sauce, » I continued.
« He just doesn’t sound the same. I love the song, but….. »
The song was called « Love Calls » and the singer was definitely not Al Jarreau. The artist’s name is Kem. And, there is definitely a major difference between Kem and Al Jarreau.
One of the differences is that Kem has nothing on Al Jarreau on bee-bopping and skatting.
Kem can do it, but he is nothing compared to Al Jarreau. He can try just like the late Joe Cocker did with Ray Charles’ s style and shit.
May Joe Cocker rest in peace though. After I heard « Love Calls » on the radio several times and the fact that it was sung by Kem, I was pissed.
Next, I began saying, « Well, what in the fuck happened to Al Jarreau? »
I questioned this even more after hearing hit after hit by Kem.
I was like, « Wait a minute. This dude (Kem) is like mimicking Al Jarreau’s style! What about Al Jarreau? »
Al Jarreau needs some hits! Al Jarreau, the « king of skat and bee-bop »needs some new material! So, I began thinking: Maybe these two guys can collaborate! Whoever does the shit for Kem’s music (music score and lyrics) does an awesome job.
And this same person should hook up with Al Jarreau! I love Al Jarreau! Help a nigga out! I think that if Al Jarreau plans on recording another album soon, he should consider collaborating with Quincy Jones, Robert Glasper, and whomever does Kem’s shit. For real!

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